Check These Snowboarders Killing It in Ridiculous 'Nipple Deep' Powder

Washington Ski and Snow Photo + Video + Film
by Rory Moulton Nov 22, 2014

Do you feel it? You know, the unmistakable feeling in the air that massive powder days are near? Winter’s arrived and the snow is falling in places like Colorado, Tahoe, the Tetons, and, of course, Stevens Pass, Washington where this sick episode of “Nipple Deep” was shot.

Like any good ski flick, there’s a moral hidden in this tale of powder-chasing:

When it comes to snowboarding, there’s only one thing better than travelling to a place with tons of fresh powder waiting — having the locals show you the goods when you get there.

See? We learned something today — locally sourced pow is the best pow.

While all the news has been about the epic snowfall in Buffalo, New York, out West mountains are finally putting on their white winter dresses. It’s time. It’s here. Let’s get deep, nipple deep.

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