Eric Warren takes on Tumbledown Mt. by foot and Bradbury Mt. by bike then relaxes on the Portland waterfront

Whether you prefer to go by bike, foot, car or spaceship, the journey is the destination, or so they say. And when you are a avid travel video enthusiast, the journey is also capturing what happens on the journey. Take a cue from Eric and explore your surrounding wilderness and always stay curious about what is around that next bend in the trail.

Videos created by: Eric Warren

Portland, Maine’s historic waterfront is lined with hundreds of shops, restaurants and activities. It is also home port for lobster and fishing boats that bring in fresh seafood.

At 3,000 feet, Tumbledown Mountain is one of central Maine’s most scenic hikes. Eric climbs the steep trail and crawls through “The Sphincter”– a narrow tunnel through a rockfall and takes in spectacular views of Maine’s southern peaks.

Portland, Maine’s cemeteries are overlooked destinations that offer access to the aesthetics and history of Maine and New England. Take a macabre tour of both Eastern and West End Cemeteries, two of the oldest in the area.