ACTOR AND COMEDIAN SHAUN MAJUMBDER hosts The Gathering, an annual celebration of food and music in the small town of Burlington in Newfoundland, Canada. The festival includes local food from world class chefs and musical performances from renowned artists such as Alan Doyle, The Fortunate Ones and Sherman Downey. Apart from the great music and food the festival weekend is packed with outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking, and camping. There are comedy performances throughout the weekend and late night bonfires to gather around at the end of the night.

With a population of nearly 300, Burlington is the ideal location to “get off the grid” and take in the surrounding nature. There is no cell service and limited internet which forces festival goers to put away their phones and enjoy the surrounding company. Traffic is sparse but it isn’t safe to speed on the empty roads because of the possibility of running into a 1,200 pound moose. According to Newfoundland and Labrador tourism board, there are approximately 120,000 moose on the island. Each year there are hundreds of auto-collisions with moose.