FOR ME as a photographer and a drone pilot, this shoot was insanely exciting because we were the first to get to do it. Never before have permits been issued for drone operations in several of the locations we filmed on the island. So we were the first people to ever get to see Kaua’i like this.

We had a mere 10 days in Kaua’i, and the majority of that time was spent filming people in action. Kaua’i has a crazy amount of outdoor activities, from surfing to kayaking, ziplining to hiking to biking. Put that against a background of mountains, waterfalls, jungles, and beaches, and you get a pretty incredible view.

It was an amazing experience, and an honor to be one of the first drone pilots granted permission to film the spectacular island of Kaua’i. And now (for the first time in some of these spots!), we present Kaua’i, from the air.


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