THERE ARE UNIQUE CHALLENGES to camping in the snow. For one thing, it’s up to you to build all the camp infrastructure you need: tent platforms, seats, a kitchen space. And of course there’s the cold. But when you strip the experience down to its basics, you start to notice more familiar themes. Snow camping at its most fundamental is about taking your go-to crew into the elements and making a home from what you find there. It’s a creative act, and it’s a rewarding one.

None of this is news to freeskier Griffin Post. What he does — trekking into the backcountry to find the best mountains and gnarliest lines — is made possible by spending large amounts of time camping in the snow. Over the years, on all the different ski missions he’s been on, he’s picked up some invaluable tips about just what it takes to turn your snow camp into a home away from home.

Follow Griffin’s recent trip into the Tetons, and explore a camping style you may never have experienced — but which you’ll probably want to after watching this video: