WES EISENHAUER is a professional musician and photographer. You probably think that means he lives in a city like New York or San Francisco. Nope: He’s a proud resident of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Eisenhauer says it’s because he lives in a place like Sioux Falls that he’s able to thrive — he can be a family man, he can sing in his band, he can be a photographer and videographer, and he can run a small coffee roasting company, all while living in a “community that rallies around anyone who’s trying to push the envelope.”

Hearing Wes talk about his home town, you get the feeling there’s something special about Sioux Falls. The city runs monthly summertime “First Fridays” that allow local artists to show off their work, there’s a strong live music scene, and the food and drink options are off the hook. And hey, if you want to get into nature, you’re right on the edge of the South Dakota prairie, which has its own unique charms (and might just be best explored by motorcycle).

“It’s great to travel and go out and see the world,” Eisenhauer says, “but I’m always really happy and proud to come back to Sioux Falls.”