“I make music for people and trouble for oligarchs” – Makana

MAKANA IS AN AWARD-WINNING musician who has been featured on three Grammy-nominated albums. His newest song, Fire Is Ours, is an anthem in support of Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Makana explains the message of his debut song:

‘Fire Is Ours’ refers to the positive collective spirit and unity that in 1776 created a republic from oligarchy and again in the 1930s under FDR’s leadership elevated America and enfranchised the majority of citizens in economic equality and prosperity. Civil Rights, Women’s Rights and Immigrant Rights all moved forward until war and corporate greed dismantled the dream of an ever progressing society. Now is our time to reignite the fires of democracy founded on equitable representation. The message is clear: our broken, polarized, corrupt system must be replaced by a courageous and public values centered movement that creates integrity and health in economy, ecology, politics, law and social fabric. Bernie Sanders is the practical and symbolic elder of this transformation.

You can find the lyrics of ‘Fire Is Ours’ at Makanamusic.com