Tis The Season

8 Episodes

EP 6: Tis the Season: What You MUST Know Before Visiting MONTANA in the Winter

Just north of Yellowstone is a parkland you haven't seen. A playground for all things winter, the northern gateway to Yellowstone is magnificent. If you like the outdoors, and can brave a bit of cold, Montana in the winter will surprise and exhilarate you.

Go backcountry skiing at Big Sky Resort, or visit Cooke City, which has the best snowmobiling in the state. If you’d rather slay some untouched POWDER, stay in the Mt. Zimmer Yurt in the Beartooth Mountains for incredible access.

Lone Mountain Ranch has epic Nordic skiing tracks, and 320 Guest Ranch runs super fun sleigh rides. When you’re ready to “Warm up with Western Hospitality,” head to Bozeman for tasty eats and craft brews.

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