People who consider London gray and dreary have clearly never been to Notting Hill. Too many fail to remember that among the white, gray, and brown buildings, there lies brilliant color throughout the city. One of my favorite places to discover colors when I’m in London is in the neighborhood of Notting Hill. What originally drew me here was the Hugh Grant/Julia Roberts film, but after visiting it for the first time, I realized that this would become one of my favorite parts of the city to walk and be immersed in. Here are a few top locations to chase rainbows in the Notting Hill neighborhood.


Callcott Street

The Notting Hill street with the most colors of the rainbow is probably Callcott Street. From the beginning to end, each house has a distinct color and there are lots of cute bikes in front which, for some reason for me, always make photos ten times better.


Churchill Arms

The Churchill Arms has been dubbed one of the prettiest pubs in London, and as someone who loves flowers, I have to agree. Every time I walk past this pub, I have to look to see what new look the exterior has. Sometimes it's covered in flowers and during the holidays with Christmas trees.


Codrington Mews

If London was a treasure map, this would be where X marks the spot for the treasure. I like to find this giant, oil spill inspired X on the front of the studio, XL Recordings. Adele recorded one of her earlier albums here, so I feel like I’m in the presence of greatness.


Colville Mews

If you want to prove you really love the UK, you could just paint the entire front of your building with the country’s flag and hope people get the hint. Down Colville Mews is a store called Temperley, which is a bridal boutique. It’s quite hidden, but if you walk near the passageway, you’ll see the large mural peeking out.


Electric Cinema

Although I’ve not yet been inside Notting Hill’s ‘Electric Cinema,’ the exterior is enough to intrigue me. Nestled amongst the brilliantly hued shopfronts of Portobello Road, this electric blue color makes the red neon lights stand out.


Elgin Crescent

I may not love eating cotton candy, but I love the pastel colors of the sweet treat. Elgin Crescent is a curved street that has homes with light hues that make you feel like you're walking through a candy village.


Ladbroke Walk

Down Ladbroke Walk, there is a purple house. I daydream that it would be incredibly romantic if I were to live in the heart of the neighborhood and walk out of my purple home into the city.


Colville Terrace

If I could choose my dream house, it would be either a pink or light blue house settled somewhere in the Notting Hill area. I don't think I'd be flattered by people always stopping out front to take photographs of my colorful home.


St Lukes Mews

After I saw this home in the film “Love Actually,” I knew I had to find it. You can see it in the scene where the character Mark (Andrew Lincoln) goes to Juliet’s (Keira Knightley) home to admit his love to her. It’s the most pretty-in-pink home you’ll ever find, and it’s down St. Luke's Mews.


Union Jack Door

God save the Queen! The folks who live at this home at 91 Ledbury Street must be wildly patriotic, or just know that having this unique door will get Instagram lovers clamoring to it for a U.K. themed shot. As a major Anglophile, I’d want this door on my house.


Wild At Heart

I think there’s nothing more aesthetically pleasing than neon lights and beautiful flowers. ‘Wild at Heart’ is a tiny florist shop in Notting Hill that speaks to my adventurous soul. As someone who considers herself, “wild at heart,” I wish I had this sign hanging in my flat at home.