Not only is New Zealand absolutely gorgeous, it is extremely van friendly with many dump stations and freedom camping spots all across the country. This allows for epic convenient adventures if you enjoy living with less. My motto is “Work less, own less, do more”. It truly resonates with me, and ever since I have made this change in lifestyle, I have truly found my happy place. I hope to inspire you to do the same if you aren’t happy following the grain!


It's an amazing experience to be able to drive and live wherever you want. Mount Cook is a pretty epic spot to call home for a little while.


Sometimes I enjoy watching the scenery from the inside of my van, even if it’s beautiful outside.


I drove all the way to Milford Sound, and felt like having a nap. Gotta love waking up to a view like this!


It’s quite stunning to have this kind of colors just outside your window. I must say I’m a bit mesmerized by the turquoise waters of Lake Pukaki.


Yoga anyone? Time to charge batteries at Lake Tekapo. I got some sun and so did my solar panel. Now we’re feeling energized and ready to keep going.


Epic sunsets are guaranteed in every New Zealand road trip.


The secret to being comfortable in the van life is molding your space to something you love. I created this beautiful space to hang necklaces up. Practical and pretty.


Just a little drive up to Coronet Peak in Queenstown. Time to make some tea and enjoy the view.


If you’re the kind of person that pulls over whenever you find a beautiful spot, a road trip through New Zealand’s North Island is perfect for you. I found myself stopping way too often!


Keen to watch another sunset?


You can even go on van trips during winter! You just need to do as I do: wear thermals, make loads of tea, and you’ll be ready for a good chill session in the fluffy white snow.


Now, this is relaxation with a view!


I'm pretty much obsessed with my van if you can't tell. I sleep in it, cook in it, relax in it and it's a beautiful prop for my photos. There’s no better way to road trip!