I RECENTLY SPENT 10 days exploring Costa Ballena, Monteverde, and Lake Arenal, barely scratching the surface of all that Costa Rica has to offer. I am already planning my next trip back to this beautiful country. Here were some of my favorite moments.


On one of two private beaches at La Cusinga Eco Lodge. I felt how small I am in this large, diverse planet we call home. Some of the rocks were bigger than me – I think my drone captured a unique angle of the experience.


You have to walk down over 500 steps to reach the beautiful La Fortuna waterfall but I think the views are well worth it. Pulling myself away from this powerful beauty was hard, but the walk back up all those stairs was even harder.


I promise there is absolutely no Photoshop in this picture. The water is seriously that blue. The color comes from a chemical reaction of two minerals and the way light is refracted through the mineral water.


Another interesting angle from my drone. Can you spot me?


The beaches in Costa Rica seem to go on forever – and I guess they kind of do. Unspoiled beauty is an understatement here.


Lake Arenal is the largest lake in Costa Rica and covers 85-square-kilometers. Windsurfing and kite surfing are popular activities on the lake, while the gorgeous (and recently active) Arenal Volcano lies on the Northwest end of the lake.


At some points during my time in Costa Rica I was sure I was looking at a postcard. Just look at this landscape.


An interesting, and completely natural, tidal formation is the Whale's Tail in Marino Ballena National Park. You can only see the tail at low tide, and this is also a popular spot to charter boats and spot real whales.


Don’t forget to look up when hiking around Costa Rica. The wildlife is everywhere.


Monteverde is far up in the mountains and has a different climate than the rest of the country. Pictured here is a hike through the cloud forest.


Another way to enjoy Monteverde is by taking a walk on the hanging bridges. Situated above the canopy top you have many opportunities to spot birds, monkeys and tons of other animals.


Hiking Costa Rica is very easy and there are trails everywhere. Many of the hotels even have hikes on their grounds. This hike was on Oxygen Jungle Villas property. Walking across the tree trunk was probably dangerous but definitely fun.


Not only can you view the insanely blue waterfall in Tenorio National Park but you can also hike along the riverside to get an close look at the blue water.


If you drive around Costa Rica you will see signs for waterfalls everywhere. I almost missed the sign for this lesser known waterfall, so keep your eyes peeled.