The Golden Triangle (consisting of Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi) is one of the most popular tourist areas in India, with world class heritage sites, fascinating foods, and abundant and varied culture, I set off to discover India beyond the well-known Taj Mahal and found myself mesmerized by the people and culture.


A local boat owner and I gently glided past the Taj Mahal, while he shared stories of his life.


Getting a people-free shot of the Taj Mahal is no easy task, but embracing the beauty of the people and their outfits is as much a part of traveling India.


On the road to Agra, I shared noodles with a lady who spoke no English and I didn't speak her language. I managed to ask her and her husband for a photo and after I took it, handed them a Polaroid to thank them.


The Taj Mahal may be the crowd pleaser in Agra, but Fatehpur Sikri on the outskirts is also an architectural wonder.


Agra Fort is one of the most important monuments in the country, its red sandstone structures dating back to the Mughal Empire.


Many tourists skip through Delhi, but I enjoy the buzz of this city. India Gate, with all its rickshaws, cars, and people streaming past, is a perfect introduction into Delhi day to day life.


Jama Masjid, one of the largest Mosques in India is a must visit in Delhi. Pay the extra to climb the minarets and take in the view of the city.


A big part of traveling through India is the cuisine, which varies from state to state in flavor, presentation, and spiciness. Take a cooking class or ask to join in with some locals who are cooking.


India is the perfect place, even amongst the crowds of people, to take a moment of silence and capture the small details, as did this man in this historical palace in Jaipur.


This man took pictures with a 150-year-old camera, and told us about his grandparents and parents who had owned this piece of history before him. As we sat around a murky bucket waiting for the image to process I knew I was witness to history.


The Hawa Mahal (Palace of the Winds) is one of Jaipur’s most impressive buildings.


The average traveler often avoids the slums of India, but in these streets lies a completely different world. I traveled with Hands on Journeys, the creators of the Empowerment Tourism concept and I got to see the impact of their contributions and job development workshops first hand.


I found a game of cards and new friends in one of the biggest slums in Delhi. It was one of the most challenging and eye-opening experiences I've had on my travels, and I'll remember the new friends I made here for life.


Amer Fort, which dates back to 1592, has courtyards and panoramic views of the city below. You can have a good view of the great wall which surrounds the Pink City.


The doors of Amer Fort are perfect for capturing the people in India on their daily routine.


The Golden Triangle can be chaotic or as calm as you like. Even in the midst of a city as busy as Delhi take the time to slow down and take it all in.