From the colorful city lights of Kowloon to the breathtaking hikes on Lantau Island, Hong Kong has it all. When you plan a trip to Asia, be sure to spend time in this magical city.


Hong Kong is a photographers' playground from the ground, but the city is even more incredible from the sky.


The traditional architecture of the 1930's-built Chi Lin Nunnery reminds the visitor that there is more to Hong Kong than bright city lights. You won't hear the noise of the metropolis bustling around you while you’re in here.


You can sit in the basketball court of the Choi Hung Estate, watching locals go about their day.


The Harbour Plaza hotel is an architectural paradise for photographers.


You'll see views like this from almost every overpass and building in Hong Kong.


Walking around Kowloon during the evening is the perfect way to experience the real Hong Kong, a place not many tourists get to witness.


Quarry Bay is becoming one of the better-known spots in the city.


Hong Kong is full of amazing look-up spots, but this one is my favorite.


I didn't find time to visit Temple Street on my first visit to Hong Kong, so it was at the top of the list on my next visit.