Our exploration of Utah by foot starts in a lesser-known place named Coyote Gulch. With my adventure buddies Doug and Chris ready to hike, eat, and hike some more, we packed up our car and made our way to the desert for a chilly trip along the bottom of a gulch.


With a full pack, complete with Thanksgiving meals and a frisbee, Chris eyes the landscape. A world known as Coyote Gulch lies hidden among the red terrain before us.


After a very chatty hike to the gulch, we arrive at its mouth and stand minuscule before the towering orange and red walls.


Packs in tow and not willing to trust our coordination, we prepare for a scramble to the bottom of the gulch. With occasional slips, a few hikers slowly move past us, and we quickly appreciate our decision to use gear.


After we reach the bottom, we grab a few snacks and drop our packs before beginning the next segment of our hike. The walls stand like a fortress around us, and we move along their base, trying to avoid the water that runs along our trail.


Full bellies give us the energy to begin our hike. Our dirty boots pad along the trail as we look for a cozy campsite with an open spot to stargaze and cook a nice and filling meal.


The sun disappears from the gulch early, as the natural walls block its rays from our trail. We find the perfect campsite in a grove and set up our tent as the last light disappears. Since no campfires are allowed in Coyote Gulch, we make our Thanksgiving meal on the stove, and we stuff our faces with an array of random foods that quickly send us into a well-deserved sleep.


After an evening of stargazing and a chilly night, we wake well-rested and ready for a day of hiking. We plan to hike further down the gulch, return to our campsite, and hike out. We have a big day ahead of us, but the views make it all worth it. Chris jumps across the water to avoid getting his shoes wet. The entire gulch has water flowing through it, and it’s important to come prepared with proper footwear and extra socks!


One of the larger waterfalls has a perfect spot to stop for a snack. We munch on granola bars and fruit as the sound of rushing water puts us in a meditative trance.


Keeping the early sunset in mind, we reluctantly head back to our campsite to pack up and snack up for our hike out. Doug and Chris make their ways toward a glowing natural arch - one of the places along our hike where the water in our path was unavoidable.


Doug perches on a rock preparing a rope to throw down to us. We have to ascend the scramble we clambered down, and opt to use gear to make it a little safer for us.


After a long day of packing, we reach the top of Coyote Gulch, hidden deep in a seemingly barren landscape. As the desert sunset paints our surroundings with radiant light, our footsteps carry us toward the car and we reminisce about our favorite spots in this lesser-known corner of Utah.