The Philippines has some insanely beautiful white-sand beaches and clear blue waters. To take full advantage of them, I spent some time in Coron and did as much island hopping as possible. Here are some of my favorite spots from my trip.


One of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines, Pass Island is the perfect place to spend the morning soaking up the sun. Hire a private boat to get here before the crowds, and you'll have the entire island all to yourself.


Popular among tourists visiting the municipality of Coron, Twin Lagoon is a great place to swim among the area’s giant limestone cliffs. Get there early enough and you may even be the first boat there.


The huge black cliffs and deserted beach of Black Island look almost prehistoric. Despite the long boat journey, the island is well worth a visit for lunch and snorkeling.


I was lucky enough to be invited to Carabao Island by Red Carabao expeditions to experience the local culture on the small stretch of beach the people of Carabao call home.


Coron has many small beach huts tucked away at the bottom of cliffs. I think it would be anyone’s idea of paradise to live here for a few days.


We arrived at Twin Lagoon at about 7:00 AM and found ourselves the only people there. I took this opportunity to grab our kayak and photograph the lagoon before more visitors arrived.


Coron’s Japanese shipwrecks offer some of the best wreck diving and snorkeling in the world. The wreck on Black Island is so shallow that you can walk out to it, and the view from above is incredibly cool.


Carabao is a must for anyone heading to Coron. We watched the sunset from the island before heading back after a long day of island hopping, and it didn't disappoint.


Twin Lagoon makes for great views while swimming in the two lakes, but the view from above is even better.


Darting between the islands of Coron on an outrigger boat is a fantastic experience for anyone on a holiday to the Philippines, and I couldn't recommend it enough.