The Central European country of Slovenia is located at the crossroads of the main European cultural and trade routes. The north of the country is dominated by the Alps, while in the southwest the region is filled with beautiful caves and gorges.

For anyone who loves the outdoors, Slovenia’s impressive and unique landscapes are begging to be explored. And don’t forget to fuel up with their traditional dishes and excellent wines.

[Note: Jorgo was a guest of the Postojna Cave Park in partnership with Adria Airlines.]


Ljubljanica River Canal

For a different perspective of Ljubljana, you can take a tour in the river canal for sights of impeccable historical buildings, bridges, cafes, restaurants, and shops.


Predjama Castle

The Predjama castle colourfully glows on quiet spring nights. It’s an 800 year old castle carved into a rock, rising 123 metres high and above a 14 kilometre long cave full of bats and a secret passage to the other side of the valley.


Lake Cerknica

Lake Cerknica is the biggest intermittent lake (a lake that forms seasonally) in Slovenia. When it disappears it will not be dried out, but hidden deep in an underground karst landscape.



Bring your taste of adventure and a portion of courage. Those who are afraid of heights: don’t look down. Get to know the hidden treasures of the Postojna cave during this adventure tour.


Postojna Cave

The Pivka River running under ground, through one of the five caves in the 24 kilometre long Postojna Cave system. This cave is still a youngster in the cave system.


Postojna Cave

Water and special rocks form a unique underground landscape. People have been visiting the Postojna cave for 200 years, researching and admirring the underground lakes and structures which have been locked in time for millions of years. A special place where you can experience true darkness and silence.


Postojna Cave

Take a nice river stroll by the underground Pivka River, which is still carving the notorious Postojna Cave system. The river is also home of the mysterious creatures: olms or baby dragons as the Slovenians call them. The animal without eyes or pigmentation is a special creation of nature adapted to the life in the dark.


Sala degli spaghetti, Postojna Cave

Inch by inch, century by century. A few thousand years old and only a few centimetres long, this is “spaghetti” hanging from the ceiling of the famous Postojna Cave's Spaghetti hall.


Inside looking out

There are many of these caves in Postojna, windows into history of how our planet was formed.


Postojna church

Above ground the landscapes are just as interesting and stunning. This was a church I came across in a village on the outskirts of Postojna.


Restaurant JB

If you're looking for excellent food, you must visit Restaurant JB in Ljubljana. Janez Bratovž is a famous Slovenian chef who can turn something “simple” as eggs or ravioli into something amazing.


Dinner in the dark - Hotel Jama

A truly special dining experience is eating in the dark. Sharpen your senses at Postojna Cave's Hotel Jama.


Prekmurska Gibanica

It does not get more Slovenian than prekmurska gibanica — A dessert in layers filled with cheese, apples, and poppy seeds — when talking about traditional Slovenian food.


Sevnica Castle

Night falls over the small rural town of Sevnica – hometown of USA's first lady, Melania Trump.


Sevnica Castle viewpoint

Views over the river from centuries old Sevnica Castle.


Wine and cheese tasting at Sevnica Castle

Slovenians still like to make their own food. Men-only salami festival and salami making has a special tradition in Sevnica. It's a special event reserved only for testosterone, meat, and wine.


Downtown Ljubljana

When the sun's out, expect busy scenes like this of people soaking up the rays on outdoor terraces along the Ljubljanica River.


Ljubljana love bridge

Fall in love, lock it in, keep it in your heart forever. Slovenia will make you feel like that.