I frankly don’t know why Seattle gets a bad rep when it comes to weather. The weather is mild, rarely extremely hot or extremely cold. It rains, sure, but we seldom get a downpour; in fact, most days few of us even bother with umbrellas. We get snow in the city only about a couple of times a year, but we can drive less than an hour to a ski resort for our snow fix. Even when it is grey and cloudy, moody and broody is a good look on Seattle. I have fallen in love with this city and I am okay with our gloomy, bad weather days, they just make me appreciate our good days even more. And there are good, beautiful, clear, color-rich days. Don’t believe me? Check out some of my favorite photos taken during winter here.


Hot pink

Some of the best sunrises of the year happen in winter. This one was in December, and it's one of the best I have ever seen here. Mount Rainer rises up to greet the sun.


Fiery orange

A Washington state ferry heads toward the Olympic Mountains and into a fiery sunset.


Rainy purple

All the rain offers some lovely reflection possibilities, doubling the color in the shot. Seen here is the Seattle Great Wheel and a puddle on one of the Elliot Bay piers.


Twinkling red and green

Seattle comes alive for Christmas and the holidays. This is the Macy's Christmas star and the Westlake Center's Christmas tree bringing cheer after dark.


Magenta and orange

Around New Year's Eve, the Space Needle is turned magenta, as the fireworks (at midnight) are sponsored by T-mobile. Mount Rainer towers in the background.


Alpenglow pink

Weather changes this time of year bring lenticular clouds around Mount Rainer. These types of clouds are not only lovely and soft but catch the light in a beautiful way. While we get lots of rain, winter also brings crisp clear days to see Rainer in all its glory.


Traffic-light red

Sunset and rushhour coincide in the winter, and nature puts on a show while everyone waits to get home.


Blue moon

Winter is a great time to catch the full moon on a clear night. The sky is cold and crisp but you can see all the details of the face.


Purple (non)haze

Summers are sometimes rife with humidity and haze. While a bit chilly, this view on a clear winter day is just incomparable and the clarity is unmatched.


Neon Pink

The iconic public market spills pink puddles all over the wet road after a good rain. And yes, it rains. And yes, sometimes it is grey. But it's also so much more than those two things!