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This Café in Milan Serves the Biggest Croissants You've Ever Seen

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by Morgane Croissant Jan 9, 2023

France may be home to the world’s most delicious and decadent pastries, but Italy is quickly catching up. Aroma Napoletano, a Napolitan café and pastry shop located in Milan, has made its mark in the city by giving the much-loved, old-fashioned croissant a brand new image. Aroma Napoletano bakes the biggest, most colorful, and most loaded croissants you’ve ever seen.

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Not exactly suitable for one person, the Cornetto XXL (Croissant XXL), is a lot sturdier than a regular croissant and can be topped with all sorts of good things like sliced or whole fruit, shredded almonds, ground pistachios, pastry cream, whipped cream, meringue, etc. Aroma Napoletano’s Cornetto XXL is often dyed a bright color, such as green, red, pink, brown, or black to make it stand out even more.

Aroma Napoletano’s Cornetto XXL must be ordered at least one day in advance so don’t just show up and expect to get a giant pastry. If you’re feeling extravagant, order the Cornetto XXL alongside a Cappuccino XXL so you have an appropriately sized beverage to dunk your unbelievably large baked good.

Depite the Cornetto XXL being the big attraction at Aroma Napoletano, the café and pastry shop also serves regular-size croissants. However, many of them are also dyed, have a variety of toppings, and are stuffed with fruit compote, cream, chocolate, and more. After all, their twist on the traditional croissant is what put Aroma Napoletano on the map.

And if you’re not into fancy-looking croissants, fret not, Aroma Napoletano also serves lovely and scrumptious Italian pastries to fit your taste and appetite, like chocolate brioches, rum-soaked cakes, panettones, and Napolitan donuts, among many others.

Address of Aroma Napoletano: Via Traù, 2, 20159 Milano MI, Italy

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