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A Helicopter Tour Around Kauai Is the Best Way to Appreciate the Island's Stunning Natural Beauty

by Matador Creators Apr 28, 2023

Traveling around the beautiful island of Kauai is one of the most unforgettable experiences you can have in Hawaii. Even more unforgettable, perhaps, is taking a helicopter tour. There’s truly no better way to see the island’s famously diverse and stunning landscapes.

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Most helicopter tours depart from Lihue Airport, and provide panoramic views of the island’s lush jungle valleys, cascading waterfalls, towering mountain ranges, pristine beaches, and dramatic coastline. You may even get lucky and spot some unique wildlife along the way including rare native birds such as kiwi and kākāriki or even marine mammals like dolphins and seals. Some tours even take you to hidden gems such as Manawaiopuna Falls (also known as Jurassic Falls), which has been featured in movies such as Jurassic Park.

During the tour, your knowledgeable pilot will point out interesting features of the landscape along the way, and provide helpful information about each area. You’ll also have ample opportunities to snap some amazing photos from above to capture the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Despite being a thrilling adventure, helicopter tours are actually quite safe due to their advanced technology and highly trained pilots. Every flight is guided by experienced personnel who ensure that you have an enjoyable and memorable journey.

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