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Tiktoker Goes Viral Sharing Mistakes She Made on a Trip to Japan

by Matador Creators Apr 13, 2023

Traveling to a new country for the first time comes with a learning curve – and some learning curves are steeper than others. Transportation, weather, and hospitality customs are three common issues travelers must frequently grapple with. While culture shock and getting acquainted with the ins and outs of a new country and culture are part of the thrill of travel, it can also be detrimental to your trip if you don’t plan for certain things in advance.

Tiktoker raimeetravels knows the feeling of touching down in a new country without the proper preparation. In this video, she explains the three big mistakes she made when traveling to Japan, and how you can avoid making the same faux pas.

@raimeetravels How i almost got the japanese police called on me. Dont make this dumb mistake 🥲 I LOVE JAPAN SO MUCH!!! I cant wait ro share more about this amazing country. #japantravel #japantraveltips #japanmistakes #travelmistakes #japanesepolice #dumbtourist ♬ original sound – Raimee | Travel Tips

First, she advises against booking an expensive hotel room with a view of Mt. Fuji, because the weather might not always cooperate. “Instead of booking an overnight at Mt. Fuji,” she says, “I recommend taking a day trip there when you know the weather is good. You can see the view when heading from Tokyo or Osaka if you sit on the right side”

As it is for most travelers, transportation was also a sticking point.

“Mistake number two,” she says, “was not setting up my metrocard before landing in Japan. To get around the subways and other metro trains you’ll need a SUICA or a PASMO card, and you can get it when you land but you’ll have to deal with confusing machines like this and they only take cash. I wish I had just set it up on my phone beforehand. You can easily do that with an apple wallet. And remember you’ll need one of these in addition to a JR Pass, because the JR Pass only covers certain lines and the bullet train.”

Her worst mistake of all, however, which you certainly don’t want to make yourself, was nearly getting the police called on her. And it was all because of a simple hospitality mix up.

“Here’s the message I got from one of my hotels when I did not check out properly,” she says, showing a message from hotel staff threatening to call the police. “I assumed because they had my credit card they could just charge extra costs to that if I left. But unlike many other places I’ve stayed around the world, I was supposed to actually physically go to the check-out desk and make sure everything was settled.”

These mistakes aren’t exactly tough to remedy, and being prepared in advance can result in a much more enjoyable travel experience.

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