This Is the First Underwater Hotel in the US and You Need to Dive to Check In

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by Matador Creators Jan 8, 2023

Jules’ Undersea Lodge, located off the coast of Key Largo in Florida, is the first underwater hotel in the US. It was originally built as an underwater research laboratory by scientist Graham Hawkes in 1986 but has since been transformed into a one-of-a-kind accommodation for adventurous travelers. Named after Jules Verne, the author of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Jules’ Undersea Lodge is a tribute to the human quest for exploration and adventure.

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How to get to Jules’ Undersea Lodge

The lodge is situated 30 feet below the surface of the lagoon, giving guests an unparalleled opportunity to sleep with the fishes. The only way to access Jules’ Undersea Lodge is by diving. But don’t worry if you are not a seasoned diver. You will be met by trained instructors who will show you the ropes and lead you under the water past colorful coral formations and diverse local marine life.

The suite at Jules’ Undersea Lodge

The suite is accessed via an airlock chamber. On arrival, guests are welcomed to the suite with a hot shower before entering the lodge which is filled with compressed air, which prevents the water from rising and flooding the accommodation. Each suite is fully equipped with amenities such as beds and furnishings, a private bathroom, and internet connectivity.

What to do at Jules’ Undersea Lodge

The mangrove lagoon is home to a plethora of reef fish. Tropical angelfish and parrotfish to barracuda and snappers can be spotted peering through its windows into the vibrant underwater habitat. Jules’ Undersea Lodge provides guests with a unique opportunity to explore the underwater world with unlimited diving tanks. But if you’d rather stay dry, you can relax on your bed and enjoy the view from the huge 42-inch round window.

If you are concerned at all about safety, don’t be. The accommodation is monitored 24-7 and guests have communication with the central desk via an intercom. All you have to consider is what you want to have for dinner. A private chef is on stand-by on the dry land to whip up delights from pizza to delicious curry. And you don’t need to get wet in order to eat. Food will be delivered to you through the airlock chamber to your suite door.

Guests of the Lodge have included many celebrities, such as former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Steve Tyler of Aerosmith.

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