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This Pastry Shop in Naples Makes the Most Chocolaty Pancakes You'll Ever Taste

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by Matador Creators Jan 10, 2023

At Pasticceria Manta in Naples, Italy, there isn’t such a thing as too much of anything. The pastry shop sells the most decadent sweet treats, all of them oozing with pastry cream, Nutella, or pistachio cream, and glistening with butter. Their chocolate pancakes are especially over the top — they are covered in Nutella that’s been pressed into what looks like a manual noodle maker to come out as mouthwatering long, thin strands of gooey chocolate.

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But even when pancakes are not involved, the bakers at Pasticceria Manta love a large jar of Nutella. They use it very generously to cover, fill, and dip their creations, including towers of cookies, profiteroles, as well as Italian specialties like panettones (soft and sweet fruit breads eaten traditionally at Christmas), pandoros (tall Christmas sweet breads covered in icing sugar), cannolis, and codinas (stuffed, horn-shaped pastries).

When they are done with the Nutella, the bakers move on to even sweeter things and top many of their creations with cookies, candies, and chocolate bars like various kinds of Kinders, Ferrero Rochers, Mini Oreos, Snickers bars, Biscoffs and many more. Pasticceria Manta is a dentist’s nightmare.

While not a traditional pastry shop, Pasticceria Manta is worth a visit if you have a sweet tooth. Everything is handmade in house and, despite the fun aspect of their creations, quality is taken very seriously.

Pasticceria Manta offers sit-down meals, including breakfast, lunch, and brunch, and serves coffee as well as other beverages. If you’re lacking time, you can also purchase a box of their delicious baked goods and take it home to savor later. Just make sure you grab a handful of napkins on your way out — there’s no way to eat their pastries without getting some cream or other delicious ingredients all over your face.

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