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Singapore Airlines's First Class Suites Are Like Little Apartments in the Sky

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by Morgane Croissant Jan 4, 2023

If you’ve been saving up to finally take the flight of a lifetime in first class, Singapore Airlines might be the carrier you want to give all your hard-earned money or points to. And that’s because Singapore Airlines Suites, only available to first-class passengers, are what air travel dreams are made of.

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Singapore Airlines Suites are little bubbles or privacy in an aircraft that can carry up to 417 passengers. They are located on the front of the upper deck of the airline’s Airbus A380–800s, just ahead of the 78 business class seats. The 333 economy passengers (AKA the riffraff) are downstairs.

There are only six Singapore Airlines Suites in each of the carrier’s Airbus A380–800, four of which can be turned into a Double Suite with the neighboring cabin for those who wish to share the space with their traveling companion.

Each Singapore Airlines Suites is private and suited for one passenger. The individual cabin has a sliding door so the lucky first-class passenger never has to be bothered by the sight of flight attendants or their neighbors walking down the aisle. Inside the suite is a large, 35-inch wide leather armchair, a small desk, and a standalone single bed facing a large TV screen. When requested, first-class flight attendant provide turn down service and you can drift off to sleep in comfort while 40,000 feet up in the air.

Singapore Airlines Suites are only available on the carrier’s Airbus A380–800s which flies to Paris, Sydney, and London, among other destinations. Make sure to check what kind of aircraft is flying the route you want to take before you complete your booking — when you can afford it.

With this level of space and luxury, it’s not hard to understand why Singapore Airlines have been in the top-ten best airlines in the world for several years. In 2022, it ranked second behind Qatar Airways who also offers first-class passengers private suites, known as Qsuites.

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