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This Suspension Bridge Connects Two Mountain Peaks High Above the Alps

by Matador Creators Mar 30, 2023

High in the Swiss mountains, the Tissot Peak Walk is a suspension bridge that gives visitors breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes. Spanning an impressive 350 feet, this bridge is one of the most spectacular attractions in Switzerland thanks to its innovative design and stunning location.

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Tissot Peak Walk was designed by award-winning Zurich-based architects Jürg Conzett and Meinrad Morger, who wanted to create a structure that would blend seamlessly into its natural surroundings. The bridge, which connects two mountain peaks, is made from steel cables and aluminum walkways, and features a curved shape that allows for sweeping views of the Alps. It also has an innovative anchoring system that eliminates any movement when people cross it, making it more enjoyable for those with a fear of heights.

The peak walk is located in the heart of one of Switzerland’s most beautiful landscapes, surrounded by famous peaks like Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. The view from atop this iconic suspension bridge is unparalleled — you can see far off villages wedged in valleys surrounded by vast mountain ranges as far as the eye can see. You can also explore hiking trails, or even go paragliding around the area if you’re really feeling adventurous.

This suspension bridge isn’t just a beautiful way to explore Switzerland—it’s also got some great amenities that add another layer to your sightseeing experience. For starters, there’s a restaurant at one end where visitors can fuel up before exploring more of the mountains. There’s also an interactive kiosk near one side that provides information about local attractions, and interesting facts about nature in Switzerland.

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