Photo: North Face/Sherpas Cinema

This Urban Ski Video Is Exactly What You Need to Get Excited for Winter

British Columbia
by Henry Miller Oct 29, 2017

Remember riding in the backseat of your parents’ car, looking out the window, and picturing all the sick-nasty moves a BMX-er or skier could rock off of your neighborhood’s mailboxes, parked cars, and perfectly sloped roofs? Remember moving your fingers against the cold glass of your child-locked window and thinking, “I bet I could learn these tricks if I tried. I just need to get out there.” Well, North Face and Sherpa’s Cinema just produced a video that matches that sweet nostalgia with the thrill of seeing someone who grew up to do what they love.

Watch free-ski pro Tom Wallisch shred the gnar across one of our favorite ski towns: Nelson, British Columbia.

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