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Tricia Bolyard-Mitchell visits Wedang Sari Plantation on Bali and learns about the relationship between civet cat poop and the world’s most gourmet coffee.

ON A BALINESE coffee plantation, during a downpour of torrential proportions, I swilled a cup of the world’s priciest and rarest coffee: Kopi Luwak. In gourmet establishments across the globe, this Indonesian java can cost upwards of $50 a cup. You may have heard of this particular coffee — it’s been featured in countless foodie publications, on Oprah, and in the film, The Bucket List.

Kopi Luwak beans are processed in an unusual way; they are extracted from animal excrement. You can get the straight scoop on Indonesia’s “poop coffee” at the Wedang Sari Plantation.

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Tricia Bolyard-Mitchell

Equal parts nomadic and nesting in nature, Tricia was born and raised in the United States but has called Europe home for more than ten years. She's shared meals with locals in Tunisia, Malta and Vietnam; been invited to play American ragtime music at a Hindu temple in India, and went on the front lines with a Japanese team training to clear unexploded ordnance from rural Laos. She photographs and writes about the places that have left a stamp not only in her passport, but also upon her heart at

  • FadeOutFadeInSean

    “Quite different from other coffees,” eh? You sound like you’re trying to hide your real thoughts about it! I have to say, I tried a little bit of kopi luwak given to me by a friend and I was not particularly impressed; I later found out that I made it at quadruple strength, which may have largely contributed to my opinion of it.

    • Tricia Mitchell

      Sean, thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts about your Kopi Luwak experience. Though I aspire to be diplomatic while tiptoeing the globe, I was frank about this beverage. I’m a bit of a lightweight when it comes to java (without milk, it’s too strong for my tastebuds) but this stuff went down quite smoothly, without anything added! I guess ours wasn’t as turbo-charged as yours though (4X?!). So, does that mean that a cup at your strength would retail at $200? :-)

  • Long Weekend Coffee

    Kopi Luwak at its finest from Indonesia.

    Please refer to our website ( for details on how to order, completing payment and shipping process.

    West Java. Indonesia.

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