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This guide to hostel sex will get you out of the dorms and into sweaty, awkward bliss faster than you can say “light my fire.”

WHAT DO YOU GET when you drop a few dozen backpackers into a hostel, soak with beer, and mix in a healthy dose of liberation from social norms?

A tidal wave of hormones…and one major problem: where to go to get it on?

Unless you’re a flamboyant exhibitionist, nothing puts a damper on romantic relations like company. Dorms are almost never empty, and even when they are, the likelihood of someone barging in makes anything more than surreptitious groping an impossibility.

If you’re hankering to slide the key into the ignition and get your motor firing on all cylinders, you need to get creative, and get out of the dorms.

Unless you’re a flamboyant exhibitionist, nothing puts a damper on romantic relations like company.

First of all, let’s consider the options in and around the hostel.

Every hostel has hidden nooks and crannies that offer enough space and privacy for at least a hasty knee-trembler. You can be sure the hostel staff know about these spots, but unless you’re hooking up with one of them, asking for directions is bad form.

The trick is to know where to look, and to scout locations in advance if you’re feeling lucky. Here are some possibilities:

The laundry room

Most hostels have a laundry room that is abandoned at night. If you’re feeling naughty, the stacks of fresh-smelling sheets and towels make an ideal love-nest.

The more considerate and hygienic option is to make use of the sturdy appliances, with the woman sitting on top of the washer / dryer. (Extra points for spin cycle.)

The roof

When checking into your next hostel, take a look around and see if there’s any way to access the roof. Overhanging trees are one possibility, as are upstairs windows with broad sills from which you can pull yourself up to the rooftop.

Of course safety is important, and you shouldn’t take unnecessary risks, but you’d be surprised at how many hostel roofs are accessible with a little ingenuity.

And once you’re up there — well, the sky is the limit.

The bathroom

OK, maybe it’s not the most romantic location, but most hostels have bathrooms that lock. As long as the floor and toilet are reasonably clean, you can shut yourselves inside and bump uglies to your heart’s content.

Even open bathrooms with several stalls offer the possibility of a quickie — just ask Senator Larry Craig.

The best position is for the guy to sit on the toilet while the girl sits in his lap — this way she can lift her legs off the floor if someone comes in, so that from the outside it looks like just one person is in the stall.

The broom closet

If the laundry room is locked, the roof is inaccessible, and the thought of sex in a bathroom stall makes you queasy, the hostel broom closet is a classic option.

The main problems with the broom closet are that nothing more than a standing position is possible, mop handles have a way of whacking you in the head at inopportune moments, and the smell of high-test floor cleaner can make you pass out.

Don’t have sex in the hostel kitchen. No one wants traces of mystery juice in their stir-fry.

The key is to be quick (if you’re screwing in a broom closet I doubt this will be a problem).

The Kitchen

Don’t have sex in the hostel kitchen. Just don’t. People cook food in the kitchen. No one wants traces of mystery juice in their stir-fry.

Plus, hostel kitchens aren’t as private as you might think. Even at 4am you can bet that someone will be looking for a midnight snack, and nothing ruins an appetite like the sight of bare asses bouncing on the counter.

Seriously, don’t have sex in the kitchen.

The great outdoors

If your hostel has a backyard, look for a shadowy spot behind a tree.

Better yet, if you’re in a semi-rural area, get out of the hostel grounds entirely. A copse of trees can provide all the privacy you need, and a lonesome beach is even more enticing.

Just remember to snag a towel or a bed-sheet from the hostel before running naked down the sand.

Get a room already!

Look, I know you’re on a tight budget. But I guarantee that a few years down the road, when you’re married and have a mortgage, you won’t regret having dropped a couple extra bills for a night of passion.

In many countries, like Japan and Taiwan, there is the ‘love-hotel’ option, where you can rent a fantasy-themed room by the hour. Otherwise, just jump in a cab and ask the driver to take you to a guesthouse or motel.

As usual, Mark Twain sums it up best, “10 years from now you will be more disappointed by the people you haven’t done than by the ones you have, so cast off the panties, sail away from the hostel dorm — explore, dream, get laid!”



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  • Haley January Eckels

    Another hilarious article! Extra points for using the phrase “bumping uglies,” which is my favorite of all sex euphemisms. I have no wild stories to tell about my “friend,” but I will share one about strangers. My husband and I were hiking El Camino de Santiago in Spain, and we stayed at a lovely guest house with about a dozen other hikers. At breakfast the next morning, a British hiker asked us with a wink, “So, did you two spot any March hares last night?”

    I had no idea what he was talking about, and I asked him for a description of these rare animals. When he explained that it was slang for getting it on, I was so embarrassed. Whoever it was that he saw, it wasn’t us, though I could not convince him of that. So “spotting March hares” comes in at number two on my list of preferred euphemisms.

  • Daniel Harbecke

    Dear Penthouse Forum,

    THAT was hysterical. And so very, very necessary! Thanks for some genuine bellylaughs, Tim! I’m trying to purgesome of the mental images, though. Hostel kitchen sex? Delete delete delete…

    Sigh. Nothing like travel to make you feel like a teenager again: “Think, dammit, think! WHERE?!?” All I gotta say is tents pay for themselves.

    That does it. No more deep and weighty topics for me. The letters on my keyboard are wearing off. For now on, I’m writing about toga parties and racing the Federales to the border. My friend would want it that way.

  • Grace

    OKay, this was my favorite Brave New Traveler post ever. lol.

  • John M. Edwards

    Hi Tim:

    Now this is the kind of article I like!

    The strangest place my “friend” ever had sex was in a glowworm cave in New Zealand with a dashing young Yank from abroad (yours truly). It’s interesting to note something about the sex lives of glowworms, too. They are born without mouths, so without any way to get nourishment, they have to get it on quickly (or do the “nasty”) before they burn out and fade away.

    In one of Nature’s cruelest jokes, these gorgeous starlike creatures only live but for one day, or less. Sometimes only several hours. Now how likely would it be that any one of us would be afforded the opportunity of seeing them in the first place? Luckily brave spelunkers can break the beast with two backs in these hidden caves with something better than a little mood music and candlelight. A gorgeous microcosmic universe of living faux suns!

    I prefer natural hostelry (or “digs”) like this over chancing it in Tarantino’s chilling movie “Hostel,” wherein sex with beautiful Slovak women might end you up in a warehouse being tortured by tourist psychopaths involved in Murder Inc.–paying up to kill for sport. Any way you stroke it, sex is still “the most dangerous game.”

  • Olivia Giovetti

    The nice thing about London hostels is that a bunch of people stay there when they’re looking for an apartment or can’t find one for a long-term but short-lease stay. The nicer thing is that once you stay in a London hostel for a period of time, you start to figure out what rooms are free and what their security codes are…

    Also, outside of the hostel, I got to second base in Lenin’s mausoleum. And sadly most of my old…er…stomping grounds in Rome have now closed. RIP The Scene.

  • Joseph

    I once bumped uglies with an American girl on some grass behind the deisel tanks at the Panama Canal Yacht Club, in Colon, Panama. My knees burnt afterwards and were skabbed for a week.

    Sex on the beach on Santa Cruz in the Galapagos Islands was probably the most amazing place I have ever done it. It was in the nature park so me and my Galapagonian princess had to sneak out there. Sleeping there was terrible because of the sand flies, but we survived.

    I never had a problem springing for the $15 hotel room while in Latin America.

    Great post. You’ve got a good site, too.

  • Ross

    Hands down, the funniest blog I’ve read in 6 months and by far my favorite ever (among many good ones), on BNT. Tim, you are the man. Please keep it coming. I will also have to second the props Haley gave you for using that sensual, romantic term, “bumping uglies.”

    The only location I would add here, is the shower. Discrete, practical and hot…although I suppose that’s covered under “bathroom.”

    Happy bumping in ARG!

  • Becky

    Is this retaliation for the ripped, dark-skinned surfer boys?

  • Turner

    Tim, you’ve put wayyy too much thought into this, but I applaud it.

  • Tim Patterson

    Thanks for the comments folks – John, I think I’ve been to that glowworm cave. Olivia – second base in a mausoleum is just creepy. Joseph, I’m sure you shocked the tortoises. Becky, I don’t write from experience, but missing you has given me an over-active imagination :)

  • Kango Suz

    Ok. This is awesome. Best BNT post I’ve read, bar none.

    Olivia- not creepy. I worked at a historic cemetery in Chicago, IL and folks would come all the time to *cough* yes, you know. Many people even have their mausoleums and funeral art made in erotic form. One of our mausoleums there has a marble sculpture of two doing the act @ the moment of orgasm. People are weird.

    I’ve officially put the glowworm caves on my list of ‘most wanted’ places to *cough* bump uglies I believe was the term?

  • Olivia Giovetti

    It’s Lenin’s grave! You’re not allowed to speak or take photographs. How can you NOT do something radical?

  • Eva

    Funny the mausoleum/cemetery thing should come up – The big scandal up here in Canada this week was news from France that a large number of French lovers have been using Vimy Ridge, a WW1 battlefield that has, among other things, been called ‘the making of Canada as a nation’, as their go-to spot. Opinion seems to be divided between those who think it’s intensely disrespectful and those who think that the spirits of the thousands of young men who lost their lives there might be enjoying the show…

  • Olivia Giovetti

    Yeah, don’t you also have graffiti artists spraying Mahler on various walls in Toronto? That–and milk in bags–is what makes Canada truly amazing.

    • chinthaka

      maye pon 0778308136

  • Eva

    Milk in bags? Is that strictly a Canadian thing? It is ingenius, and cuts down on waste, too!

  • Angelique

    This is one of the funniest, most down-to-earth travel posts I’ve ever read. HILARIOUS! (And for people who want to “get it on” hostel-style, very informative!)

  • http://N/A Roger

    That was informative – and some dangerous ideas. You need to really, really need it, to try some of those options. But, I guess I might considering my strangest is, in a news room studio behind the anchor booth partician.There are 24 hr cameras running so it was in a nook between the rolling walls behind the anchor station. Wow that had the heart beating! And in a church bathroom, neither of which I think I could do again even if someone paid me to. Happy hunting for that secret spot.

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  • Olivia Giovetti

    “Milk in bags? Is that strictly a Canadian thing? It is ingenius, and cuts down on waste, too!”

    As far as I’ve seen…Although with Timmy Ho’s catching on in the US, hopefully that may make the border jump as well (and Peak Freens…love me some Peak Freens).

  • ryan

    You can buy milk in bags in Wisconsin, USA too. Not that we do, you just can.

  • Chris LaRoche

    Hilarious! Very well done, and though I can’t think up any place my many “friends” have gotten it on in that you haven’t already covered (it’s amazing how creative hormones can make you), I will add this: coincidently, today at the school I work at, there was a condom littering the hallway. I didn’t check if it was used, but I did think, no matter how desperate and/or horny, I never had sex in the middle of the hallway during school day. Never. Does that make me a prude?

  • JiM

    Best non-entertainment article I have read on-line in years. You get how to do interesting. I expect a follow-up article (yes, hostel sex 2.0) with more tips, more length, and more creative ideas.

    The most interesting place my…uhh…friend ever had sexual relations was on a dock. It was a warm summer night at a low budget location in Eastern Washington. There was a huge rock festival nearby and the hotel was completely filled with music and radio people, including numerous huge stars and celebrities. Needless to say, sex was in the air and everyone was drunk. Due to all the people, my friend’s new little rock hottie and he were caught enjoying each other in a back hall but had to finish bumping somewhere (room was filled with friends) so they grabbed a pillow and some blankets, headed outside and got freaky on the old, empty dock. The kind of dock where you walk on a wooden pathway to the small dock completely surrounded by water. It’s magical, I hear, as the fish were jumping and the moon bounced off Moses Lake.

    The downside, is that you can get caught. “They” were caught by a security guard and the band Tenacious D. Jack Black was on the shore shinning a giant Mag Light in their faces shouting, “Is everyone willing?” “…Will the lady please raise her hand if she is willing.” They were cool and let them finish, but it was one of those moments one will never forget.

  • Ant

    This is the first post I’ve read on BNT, had me laughing (and sometimes reminiscing…!). Great work, Tim, I’ll be back in 9 months!

  • Tim Patterson

    Wow JiM, now THAT is a great story.

  • Sylvia

    What imaginative (?) renderings! Loved it all, rather hilarious and quite outspoken. I liked Jim’s story. That was simply outrageous! Have fun you lot.

  • Terry

    Oh man, this is great.

    Let’s not forget the couch in the common room. The possibility of getting caught only adds fuel to the fire for some. And think about the legacy you’d leave. (Hey, that’s not as bad as spunk in the stir fry.)

  • N. Chrystine Olson

    Okay…my “friend” had sex in the cab of a combine on a wheat farm in Northern Idaho…it was the cute farmer’s lunch break.

  • Jonathan

    Great article, if all else fails, you can always wait till real late, sneak in the dorm and be very, very quiet. Hopefully the bed won’t creak to bad, remember not to press to hard on the pillow covering her face and you should be OK. This is of course reserved for the super bold or desperate…You don’t always have to tell them to scream your name…”Say my name…” “Ummmm”

  • Tim Patterson

    Jonathan, no matter how late, no matter how quiet you think you are, if you have sex in the hostel dorm, someone will be awake, listening. Guaranteed.

  • Molly

    A friend of mine lost their virginity in a FEMA trailer after Katrina, a great stress reliever for sure.

    That very same friend was was jet skiing with that very same boy on in the Deep Delta where Louisiana meets the ocean and a huge storm came in. In a mad dash to get away from the lightning storm in the middle of the Bayou, they stumbled across the only shelter for miles, a tiny little “fish camp”. They felt kind of funny walking into someone’s little Cajun home away from home. But as they started to take their clothes off, they decided to honor tradition and break in the furniture before Goldilocks came home.

  • nylon

    I think I’ve been to that glowworm cave.

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  • michaela lola

    wow…this post makes me want to check into a hostel, like, now.

  • carpool guy

    most hostels i have been to look up the kitchen at night.i guess most if them just do it so that you don’t disturb the cockroaches…

  • TravellersDiary

    This is pretty interesting post – gives food for thought for the adventurous mind! The best venue is rooftop – dim light, breeze, open air gives the perfect ambience.

  • Tim Patterson

    TD – I agree that the rooftop is often best – the problem is getting up there. In college, my suite-mates borrowed a carpet that said “Williams Faculty House” and put it on the roof of our dorm, accessible via a window and some climbing. I miss college.

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  • Europe Hostels

    That was the most funny backpacking article i ever read. Totally hilarious…

    Althought there are some great tips, i found most of them extremely hard to apply and easy to be busted…

    But, whatever, you want sex ? work for it !

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  • Tom

    Many hostels have a tv/movie room. Usually dark, can move couches around for some privacy – though lots of hostels have security cameras in common areas so the night receptionist may well be watching you. Asking staff for ideas is not bad form – bring them a beer and drink with them a bit first. Hostels often have empty rooms too – befriend a staff member, find out which rooms are empty, borrow a key and you’re set. Receptionists will know and cleaners as well.

    Ask to work at the hostel – though you might end up cleaning toilets while at a hostel this is more impressive to the opposite sex than any high paying job,and you’ll know all the secrets, as well as have use of the staff sex room.

  • LL

    Good one Tim! I love your 'take' on the Mark Twain quote–classic.
    Mine while traveling: Bunk in a shared sleeper car in Vietnam train (with a French couple just a few feet away)
    Also, in an airport at a 'deserted' gate!

  • mike

    Oh lord, just read the article with a comibination of horror and interest, i own an international backpackers hostel in david panama and i have heard so many stories of backpackers shamelessly screwing loudly in a crowded dorm room, it hasnt happened in our place yet, and honestly i hope it doesnt, yet at the same time the whole backpackers thing is sexuelly charged, youthful travelers feeling true freedom in all respects of the word! There arent really too many nooks and crannies but i wouldnt be suprised if folks got it on in the pool late at night..
    thanks for a great article.

  • Anna

    Oh I absolutely have to comment on this article, let's see…Exchange students have sex in some of the craziest places ever thought of. Personally, on a table under a cabana on a beach in Venice, about half an hour before we had to catch the last boat shuttle to our hostel or risk being in big big doo doo with our trip chaperons. Or in a park in Belgium just before a group of school children walked through, yes local parks at night after definitely a good option for the hostel goer. Or in the bar bathroom (one toilet) of the exchange student bar, however, you have to be quick or you'll have to bone through angry people pounding on the door to use the bathroom. Also, I would like to say the ultimate is having your best friend/travel buddy be a good sport. Mine personally spent a good period of time with the bottle of wine that we had bought her, her journal, and some Kinder Bueno, in the hallway of our hotel while I showed an Italian friend just exactly how much I loved Italians.

  • kat

    interesting place? Hmmm caught in the pool by other guests in MT, on a bus in the back seats in TX, or on the bowling lanes of a bar that was closed OR

  • Tim Patterson

    a bowling alley in a bar? sweet!

  • ack

    OK, one friend still brags about doing it on the top level of a double decker bus as it ran its nightly route in London. She says they just chilled it down when anyone came up top, and that it just looked like she was sitting on his lap. So they didn't need a stop to get off, if you know what I mean. Another story…. a Dodge tradesman van holding ten teenagers on a road trip: picture the two laying in the way back, on a huge pile of baggage, ski equipment, etc, spooning on a dark highway in idaho and gradually turning it into a long slow motion extremely quiet bumping of uglies.

  • kim

    having worked in a hostel for the summer i can fully appriciate this well researched article. lol. although by the end of the summer we didn’t really care and just hung up a few sarongs around the bunk bed. not particularly discreet but after a few months of working in a hostel any inhibitions you had generally flew out the window.

  • shakester

    TIm, fantastic piece. Loved the wit, candour and that it wa a,,,,well, quickie. :)

  • Heather

    As a light sleeper, I ask all the readers to please take Tim’s advice and find somewhere to get it on outside the dorm room! Light sleepers can barely sleep in a hostel just because of one snorer or some heavy breathing, so we’d like to avoid being ‘sexiled’ when we’re already in the throes of sleep deprivation from travel and hostel-stays. It’s WAY too embarrassing for all parties for the light sleeper to speak up and say anything, so don’t assume that just because no one is stirring that no one is listening!

    Tim, this article was hilarious and well-written. One of the best I’ve read on the web in a while. Keep it up!

  • chris

    I checked in once into a hostel in Galway, walked into the dorm room and this chick was on top of this bloke just going for it, boobs flapping around and everything, they were starkers. Was quite an eyeful. Didn’t give a shit about me walking in, just carried on, business as usual. I put down my stuff, started laughing, and walked out to the bar, they didn’t even pause for a second, hahahahhah! damn…

  • Hemanth

    Hilarious Article, Tim…:). Oh, by the way, I came across another article on Mad Travel Magazine…which is strikingly similiar to yours…(I haven’t travelled much…so, I wouldn’t know if there are more options at Hostels!..:P)..Anyway, here’s the link…

  • Eliz

    What a great article to stumble upon. It brings back wonderful memories of backpacking through Europe in 1984. Especially at Balmer’s in Interlaken with a very handsome and adventurous guy, outside worked well for us. Tim, thanks for the laughs and the memories.

  • Busted!

    While heading home on the train from Lugano, Switzerland to Milano, IT. My girlfriend and I couldnt resist doing it on the train. the bathroom was the only privacy we could get. It was not the cleanest place but in the moment it wasnt stoping us. Unexpectedly the train stops. We hadn’t thought to wait before crossing the border. Sure enough, in mid stride theres a knock at the door. With pants around my ankles the Border guard is demanding that we open the door. We scramble to put our clothes on and walk out completely busted! He coughed with a slightly impressed look on his face and checked our passports…

    • Ian MacKenzie

      @busted – “coughed with a slightly impressed look on his face” – that’s brilliant!

  • Paul

    I have travelled to many hostels when travelling across USA and Europe but I wish I’d read your article first. Very funny and soem great ideas. Might have to go backpacking again!

  • Sean

    I used to own a hostel in Cairns and I can definitely recommend the get a double as the best option, having the master key and knowing which rooms were empty at 1-3 am would give one an unfair advantage here :-), then comes the bathroom/shower, then comes find a shady spot in the garden/grounds (well, this works in the tropics may be impractical in colder climes or city hostels with no grounds) then comes the pool – or poolside which is kind of ok in the tropics. Then comes doing it in the park down the road / the beach / or using the hostel bus to drive the love interest to the moonlight beach. Mmmm. Of course, I personally NEVER did any of this. I just heard about it. Honest :-)

  • Martin

    South East London Nightclub called the venue, basically the stage for the main dancefloor. It wasn’t being used and we were behind some landing strip strob lights that would flood the dance hall, so could only be seen if somebody was looking directly at the place we were at and the lights were off. However, we could see 2000 the excitement of being caught on stage was quite the turn on.

  • beachsamba

    Once we got frisky in an Internet cafe in Tokyo. Individual booths, couch for two, 18 inch widescreen computer monitor and a curtain… nice.

  • Martinp

    Ha ha, awesome blog! My best one was getting very very drunk in Thailand (Koh Samui) and having rampant ‘cough’ with my girlfriend on a bbq table outside our room. It was only as we were half way through that I noticed we had a fairly substantial audience but hey, when you’re drunk you don’t care!

  • Jonathan Cox

    Dude, I love Mark Twain. I have a book of his quotes. He did NOT say what you quoted him as saying at the end of your post. They didn’t even *have* the word “panties” in his era.

    • Ian MacKenzie

      @Jon Cox – I’m pretty sure Tim was joking… :-D

  • amy

    hmmm…let me count the ways! a park during broad daylight is probably the craziest. but then again, a gay club (with a questionably straight brazilian man) in london might be a little worse. where else? thank god i’m getting old and can’t remember anymore!

  • Elyse

    Once, behind the kiln in the art room at school, with the teacher (who hated both my boyfriend and me) expected back at any moment.

  • Evi

    Let’s see. My friend definitely managed to lose her virginity in the balcony of a church sanctuary. This same friend also managed to get frisky in the back row of a greyhound bus coming up from Texas. I have to say though, I totally agree with the rooftop. Roofs, especially at night are brilliant places to enjoy each-other.

  • amanda

    in a gondala in new zealand was fun but quick. the outdoors is always goood just make sure that if you use a picnic table that it doesnt break half way throw.

  • B

    very funny, but true.

  • Ayodeji

    Please what is this world turning to? Please discuss things more serious and uplifting. You must give your lives to Jesus. Time is short. We are in perilous times now. Read 2Timothy 3:1-7 – ‘ ¶This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
    2  For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
    3  Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,
    4  Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;
    5  Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.
    6  For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,
    7  Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.’

    • BlueKnight

      To Ayodeji…

      Hey, I understand, I was a virgin too once! Me thinks you came her for understanding, found too much for your brain/body to handle, and reverted to your earlier puritanical self :) No problems… I hope you and your desires are able to meet sometime in the future without scaring yourself :)

  • Alexandra

    Hilarious article!!!

    best time, hands down: the bathroom! a friend’s apartment with a boy from Scotland- thank god the sink didn’t break- oh yeah, if the sink fits, well…you know what I’m getting at here… but do check it, before you wreck it. Also- sound CARRIES BETTER IN MOST BATHROOMS. so the smaller, the better. But do try it. Here’s why::

    1. sure the bathroom is a bit dirty for some— uhm, hello- we are talking sex here- right? not scrabble- plus if you really feel that irked, you have a sink (or shower) right there to clense if needed… perfect!

    2. the only think hotter than looking at each other in the act is getting three different mirror angles of what ‘cher doin’!
    ** note: you will have PLENTY of time to get down on couches and beds… take it somewhere else- you’ll be glad you did!!

    3. to lock the door or not lock the door? that is the question… the answer is not lock the door– he locked it, I asked, “what are you locking it for?” and we both had THE biggest grins on our faces… and we hadn’t even started yet!!!

    great article, thanks for sharing!
    :) a!

  • BluWave

    I lived in a hostel off Sunset Point. I was only other person, besides the owner that had a full unit. I used to have offers everyday to :
    1. rent the unit for 30 minutes
    2. rent me for 30 minutes…

    Lots of action on the beach…all the time.

    Great Post!

  • Santanu

    It’s lovely and sexy.

  • tessacael

    amazing post
    most exciting sex while travelling for me was during senior trip. u name it, ive done it. bathroom, beach, disneyland hotel pool, bunk beds (same disneyland hotel) alley in spain, tons in the shower, as well as the good old bed :D
    theres something so hot about sex in tricky places :D

  • skateboard bearings guy

    this is great, the biggest part of sealing the deal is always logistics. a study abroad in japan had me very frustrated until i started getting creative.

    the roof is probably the best tip on here, and it doesn’t just apply to the hostel–a university can have 4-5+ buildings with easy roof access. a word on the bathrooms, too: some of the lesser-used university buildings have big, clean, handicap bathrooms that noone has even used since they were built. i’m just sayin’!

  • Lula

    ummm…an STD?

  • Charlotte

    No pride people.. get a room!

  • Frostie

    have to say this article is great!

    The strangest place my “friend” had sex is a church parking lot in Tuxla-Garentara Mexico, no hotels or taxis with in 25 miles, 65 people in the Hostel, we just had to get out of there and one thing led to another!!!

  • arthur dent

    girls don’t have sex in Backpacker Hostels

  • Jay Dee

    @Ayodeji. Dude. You seriously need to get laid.

  • magnificent bastard

    man i new a guy named johnathon cox when i was a kid. he was a d**khole just like this guy. wonder if it’s the same person.

  • Dave


    I’m not really into the gay thing. Is there some sort of female holy spirit I could do up on the rooftop rather than Jesus?

    I think I could get to like your religion a lot more if it were more accommodating to heterosexual males.

  • Anonymous

    knowing people that work at the hostel, with master keys, is definitely an advantage. Especially if they are good looking with sexy accents…

  • kNZ

    haha i remember once when i had sex in a hostel and the only empty place was the sauna !! man was it hot lol

  • luce

    love it.

    laundry girl myself. there is nothing better thn being sat on a dryer.

    first trip from home wasnt even out the countryfound myself there. i took the laundry room and friend took the kitchen/lounge. belief me there is no one coming to do washing at 5am. the kitchen however…

  • JaFari

    Come on….Dorms are easy…lesson one …always pick bottom bunk on a bed with long part along a wall…hang up a sheet on long part and towels on each end….bam! love den!! Done…

    second lesson….

    don’t “try” to shag a girl in the all girls dorm with a nun on top bunk….funny story

    god I love Aussie!!

  • ivy

    Reminds me of a memorable night in a certain hostel in Paris. We didn’t find any special hiding spot. But luckily for us, the room was empty and there were curtains on every bunk. I’ll always remember that English lad very fondly. Gotta love hostel hook-ups.

  • Ria

    Yawn, been there, done that. I work for a hostel now and you’ve missed one very important point…most hostels have lots of video cameras now…so that privacy you THINK you’ve discovered may give the staff lots and lots of laughs…

    Places we’ve ‘caught’ people having sex include: On the maintanence area work table, in a closed off construction area, lounge chairs (under infrared light), back stairs and the topper of all – over the trash compactor (TWICE). That one drew a unanimous ICK from the staff…..

  • Aritro

    In the bathroom at a hostel in Prague. After exploring several unsuccessful options, including the floor and the tiny, tiny shower cubicle we agreed that the only option was for her to sit on the sink.

    Halfway through the sink collapsed and picked up our kit and got out of there and checked out in the morning.

  • Jeremy

    A worldly chap I work with tells some good stories, most of which suggest the outdoors option is best:

    - a Latvian lass doubled over his backpack on a forest path, avoiding German tourists.
    - a different Latvian girl on a beach standing up, then later in the forest, then once more for good measure over a sink in the camping ground latrines. They had to finish off in a shower-block when an obese camper strolled in to clean his teeth.
    - a couple of Lithuanian lovelies on a little island off Klaipeda. I understand it was one of their birthdays.
    - a Bulgarian vamp with her Alsatian running around the room
    - a Russian air-hostess with two poodles which would nip at his shaking calves. They weren’t nearly as frightening as her horrified brother though.

    I have a feeling there were some others too. Certainly he speaks fondly of Hungary. Either way, it wants me to go travelling.

  • Manu

    Once backpacking in WA with a girl, we were in a remote town and had to walk out of town on the main road connecting to the highway. To cut a long story short we did it on the median strip on the road, under the stars. She took a little convincing at first then decided it was ok cause we could see car headlights coming either way from about 2 km at least!! was the best sex I’ve ever had, under ze stars n a little danger at the back of my head, I tell ya!

  • godjuice

    i did it in a classroom while everyone was on a field trip…. but we almost didnt “finish” in time to “clean up” O.o

  • Imoldmeg

    ok, most amazing experience of my life was on a Galapagos cruise;
    picture being on the roof of a yacht, in the middle of the pacific ocean in the middle of the night; it seems you can see every star imaginable..and to top it all off one of the (extremely hot) Ecuadorian crew workers who speaks little to no English ravishing you. The next day, you and (same) Ecuadorian man are getting it on on the bottom level deck, and another yacht (with 6 crew guys outside cleaning the boat or something) passes by. Slowly. At the time I could have died. Unfortunately my (3) profs found a condom on deck the next day. (never found out who though :)

  • Julia

    As a health educator, I could not believe that you could write a whole article for young adults about promiscuous sex without any mention of STI or pregnancy prevention. When engaging in sexual activity with multiple partners, the risk of contracting an STI is very high. In fact, people between the ages of 15-25 are currently the population at the greatest risk. With one in three Americans contracting a STI by the age of 25 the probability of being exposed to an infection is very high.

    So, once you find your exciting location in a hostel to have sex, make sure you use at least one form of contraception (correctly).

  • jimmy

    ive done it in walmart within the clothes racks. mad crazy. we almost got caught. hahaha.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody’s done it on a plane? It was very cramped, in the back of a DC-10, but my girlfriend was pretty thin so it worked out well.

  • BlueKnight

    Best place for me was on my hated bosses chair in the office out of business hours, knowing that he may decide to come back to the office at any time (yes he was married to his job). I did this 3 times with 3 different girls and left at least two different stains on his chair. Yes I hated him!!

  • tom

    I have been staying in hostels for 25+ years. Hostels are not places to have sex. If you are going to have sex with someone you meet in a hostel, go somewhere else and do it, or at very least rent a private room. Consider the feelings of the other travelers staying there – they will know what you and your Romeo/Juliet are up to.

  • rita moreno

    The place doesn’t really matter when you want to get frisky just anywhere and enjoy the crazyness of the moment. How about a lifeboat near an unhabbited island and away from the world? Just a thought :)

  • darren smith

    This boy at lagan backpackers in Belfast has the best job ever. You hear stories about the hostel owner getting laid all the time. So true!!.
    In the four days i was there. He partied and seem to loved his job. Great guy, so nice and helpful. But he loves his woman! First i saw him getting it on with a Canadian girl. Definatly did her for three nights she was there. The day she left, my last night there he was doing an American girl. When i asked i was told with a smile that its a perk. He is always at it and on the lookout for a lonely or horney woman.

  • oh yeah

    In auckland (the city of sails) I woke up one morning with a very cute Aussie living on a houseboat in the harbour… it was a nice change from sitting on the sinks in the hostel toilets!
    The shower is kinda tricky… esp if the guy is much taller than you…

  • oztravels

    My most exciting hostel “activities” occurred in Australia. Some of my hostel hook up spots included: walking down to the beach (Byron Bay), the alley way next to the hostel (Byron Bay), on top of a water tower (Noosa), in the showers (Cairns), and in some bushes (Cairns).

  • Ecostatic

    Foreplay started on the sidewalk just outside the Green Tortoise hostel in SF @ about midnight (shirt and bra over my head even!), and ended in the guys room, top bunk. Of course his bunk mates decided it would be funny to fart about 10 times. That was disgusting to say the least.
    The next day was with an employee, up in his staff unit, on the floor. Another staffer walked in, left beer on the table, and walked back out, whistling. We laughed and when we were done we drank all of the beer before heading back down to the hostel. Best vacation I’ve ever had!!

  • roastedcrazy

    Cabin #20 in the South of Italy. You know who you are! We woke the neighbors for four nights, but since our rendezvous were absolutely secret he would leave in the middle night – leaving me to deal with the awkwardness in the morning!

  • Sara

    Wait… is this advocating sex with strangers? I don’t really like that, but if it’s one of your traveling buddies, knock yourself out. Literally. I just don’t want to hear/see you.

  • G Spot

    Locked toilet, no worries ….. keep the audio down though!

  • Roach

    Hey Jesus Freak! GET A LIFE! :-)

  • pilot

    green tortoise hostel, seattle. old location. smoking room. gay pride week.
    i have seen some intense shit go down there. i was dyeing my hair in one of the bathrooms (changing my appearance due to having my underage boyfriend there with me violating probation from the san juans) and right across from the bathroom window were the single rooms. people, hostels ARE exhibitionism. i remember some crazy guy from georgia smearing human feces all over the couch in the back of the hawthorne hostel in portland OR. which incidentally I got blamed for and kicked out. which was bollocks because i was ‘dating’ the night manager.

  • G

    hhhmmm … it started with heavy petting at a campfire on the beach in Cape Tribulation, staggered up the boardwalk through the mangrove in the pitch darkness, nearly falling in with the crocs, then to the Californian’s room (she was working as a cleaner at the resort).
    Unbelievable. I didn’t go back to my bunk in the dorm that night or next.
    Haven’t thought about that in a long time, thanks for the article … and the memories.

  • josenoway

    In the 70s in the small town of Roseburg,Oregon in the US, my girlfriend shirley and I had no place to go when we got horny at the local skating rink one summer. We both lived at home meaning that was usually out. Next door to the rink,we found a full sized logging truck with just flat metal inbetween the seats. It sufficed, although I am sure it was much more comfortable for me,being on top:)

  • Garrett

    Im from Dallas, TX. Im 22yo male.
    Last year i lived in Ghana, West Africa. It was life fucking changing…no pun intended! Anyways I had some sex…some fantastic sex! The craziest spot was in an abandoned school in a little town called Hohoe! This is where all of the rhastas would meet and get “Irie”. It was situated behind this little bar that would blast Bob Marley from the loud speakers. There was no roof…just the beautiful African night sky…some Bob…a gorgeous european woman with flowing blonde hair down to her ass…and it was all IRIE!!!

  • natasha

    These are some good ideas but I can’t believe you haven’t mentioned how important it is to use a condom.

  • Donna

    Mark Twain did not say that. Get your facts straight.

  • Garrett

    Seriously Donna…it was a joke…it was a real quote from Mark Twain, that the author of this old ass article changed just a tad…to be funny!

  • J

    I once had sex in my friends small walk in closet, while my friend and his parents walked in and out of the room. A little risky, but twice as much fun!! Although you can’t sigh like a old man after you cum!! :)

  • g

    Most interesting places I’ve ever gotten any have been in bar bathrooms, on the pool table after close, in the park at sun-up with drunks walking by. Once in the back of a taxi while en route it wasn’t sex but nearly in the back of a taxi…anywhere you can discretely have a piss in public is a place you can have sex. Trick is getting women to wear a skirt, or better yet a sundress, then you can have sex pretty much anywhere with anyone watching and it just looks like you’re cuddling or making out, especially if there’s booze involved.

    Most of the time I’ve gotten too hot and bothered to care who was around, have found the same with partners.

  • N

    On behalf of everyone who has ever worked at a hostel, let me just say it is so frustrating (and so hilarious) to walk in on people on a weekly basis. Our hostel in particular had a loft in our laundry room where we stored extra duvets and pillows – it was like the love shack up there. Also our movie room, which gets ‘locked’ during the wee hours. Let it be said, hostel staff were the culprits most of the time because they had access to the keys.

  • xaliba

    Carnaval in brazil, easy as pie, hooked up with a girl, walk down the beach for a couple of minutes and that’s there.

    Late night, a fully lighted square, no one around but it’s just a matter of time till someone showed up.

    At the very back of a house in a house party. Clothes on the ground to reduce contact with debris and rock and roll.

    In a car in broad daylight in one of the most crowded places in the city. It was pissing down with rain though, foggy windows and people only worried about hiding from the rain.

    hehe, the list goes on….

  • Emily

    I was part of a youth volunteer program this past year where I met my current boyfriend. Doing it in the house was always risky (we lived with 9 or 10 other people for almost a year)…so we had to find other places to go. I’ll make a list…

    - School bus at night (they’re only broom tripped, it’s very easy to open the back emergency door and sneak in). We had at least 7 to chose from (we lived near a parking lot where they parked some busses for the night).

    - Park bench at night

    - Outside out house facing a busy street, at night

    - In the group van (we had one van that we all used…we would steal the keys and fog up the windows pretty quickly

    - In the living room

    - In a park in the afternoon with kids playing soccer and baseball nearby. This was my personal favourite. We’d bring some blankets, my ipod and a speaker and we found this great little spot kind of over looking a pretty big park and we’d just set everything out and go at it. It was awesome.

    - Bathroom of our house

    - Play sturcture at night

    - School field at night (we’d have to hop a fence for this one)

    I like to think we were pretty adventurous. It was all amazing. ;)

  • james

    I remember while traveling around south africa for a month with my gf we stopped in durban for a few nights at a hostel next to the beach that i cant remember the name of, we had some fantastic sex there but one particular night we were using the comunual showers an there were ppl next to us on the left an the right and we were both horny so we got it on in the showers, standing, kneeling anything we could think of. surrounded by knowing/unknowing ppl what a turn on! haha good times ;)

  • Junior

    stairwell of hostel 639 in London 08 baby…

  • Jacque Toucan

    There was a theme park in North Miami back in the fifties that had a western town with a coffin in the funeral home We managed to slip ourselves into the coffin and pull the lid down and we rocked that sucker for about fifteen minutes at the least. When we opened the lid there were about ten kids standing there so we shut the lid and waited. Ten minutes later there were 20 people standing there and we squeezed out and headed for the exit!
    Try beating this one!!
    It’s the truth so help me!

  • GeekOne

    My GF and I were on the way to a ski resort and found the rocking motion in the bathroom of the greyhound bus to be a perfect combination for a quickie.

  • cinsel ürünler

    My GF and I were on the way to a ski resort and found the rocking motion in the bathroom of the greyhound bus to be a perfect combination for a quickie.

    thank you sir.

  • William Wallace

    Nothing beats the great outdoors for some Nooky, and if you dont mind an audience just do to it on your bed at the hostel.

  • Yuliam

    I met a Canadian girl in Barcelona, we were so drunk that we had sex in the hotel’s room.. At the time there was nobody, but after everyone came in and saw us, let’s say, dancing! so crazy..

  • bill

    ….. my girlfriend and I were hiking up this creek and we came to a waterfall. It was spring run off time in the rockies and the water at this point was raging.

    We had out picnic and wanted some dessert and after a few tokes decided we wanted to get it on.

    The rocks were literally vibrating beneath us as me made love. At orgasm I actually screamed like Tarzan – totally out of character but so visceral – awesome!

  • klaus

    in a ten ppl dorm , with yet only 3 others inside …. and a massivly shaking and squeaking bed… awesome ;)

  • mike

    In the upstairs keg storage room of the Temple Bar in Dublin.

  • Jay

    - In a washroom stall at work (where I met my girlfriend)
    - There was this freight train that was stopped for almost a year next to my place.
    We climbed the ladder and got it on.
    - On a rock overlooking the city night at the top of a small mountain.
    - On a train bridge at night when there seemed to be no trains rolling.
    - Something I had always dreamed of, finally happened… Basically, I met a girl who was doing a pubcrawl with tourists. The group left and she decided to stay. We ended up talking about fantasies. Hers was a bathroom stall… not so special. I told her, high places. She said, like what? I said, the top of a crane. She said, I saw a construction site with a crane not far just earlier. I laughed and said let’s go! In my mind I was thinking, she’s probably just f__king with me and we’ll end up in a park or something. She actually brought me to a construction site. That bitch was crazy. We had to get around a “ladder barrier” that had some sort of lock so nobody can just climb the ladder. Was quite easy, more surprisingly.. she was first! It literally took us almost a half hour to get to the top. There were around 10 platforms between the ladders. At the 5th we were getting pretty exhausted. So we stopped and made out for a bit. Then we went up a few more, madeout again. Almost started getting it on, i didnt care anymore i wanted to fuck right there. She said no, higher. We get to the top. So windy, pretty freaky. F__king WILD. There wasnt much to stand, sit, or lie on apart from a metal box thing. We tried getting in the operator cabin but it was locked… surprisingly.
    All I have to say is…. f__king WILD. The wind blowing, the girl screaming with pleasure and excitement. I felt like a king, the king of the city, downtown-core, on a f__king CRANE.

    I think that is one of the most radical things I have ever done.

  • abc

    floating down the iowa river on an air mattress! one fine summer day…

  • bob

    in a bar in bourbon street new orleans
    they had bouncers guarding the toilets
    so that was our first choice ruled out
    she sat me in a chair in the quietish
    backroom and said “let me know if anyone comes”
    and down she went. we were spoted bu the compair
    who could see over the crowd to the back room
    from the stage. and came right over i let the girl know
    we had company she sorted herself out and he came over
    and asked me if i had finished when i said no he directed us to a shaddowy
    spot under the stairs and stood guard!

  • Jeff

    The stairwell of the Senate Dirsken Office Building in Washington D.C. Thankfully, John McCain didn’t decide to take the stairs that evening becuase it was his intern I was doing.

  • Justin

    When I was in Germany there was this very attractive woman (who i later learned was married, but unhappy) who after one night at a Beltane festival saw fit to take me into the woods, say 30 or so feet off this walking path. We’re going at it when a family, mom dad two kids and grandma, go walking by! The mother was trying to ignore the fact we were there while shielding the kids, dad was trying to look without getting caught by his wife, and grandma smiled and gave us a wave. That made my f’ing day, grandma waved while we’re having sex in the middle of the woods near midday. glorious

  • dave

    Most creative place? For me (& past girlfriend) the would be on the side of a cliff in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Over a boulder, to be specific. Not gonna lie, it was pretty sexy doin’ it in the great outdoors.

  • Alex

    @John M Edwards….. Hostel isn’t a Tarantino movie ;)

  • Magnus

    Bathroom at St. Christophers near London Bridge. Hooked up with a hot australian chick in the backpackers bar right next to the hostel ;)

  • Cristina

    In the shower, in a hostel. But the cabin locked so there weren’t any problems. And yeah, in the train … that was the “weirdest” experience. We had to find creative ways to keep the compartment door closed :)

  • Lisa

    In a canoe on a stream right next to the lake.
    In a cave we found while we were hiking around.
    The sauna in the apartment complex (very hot)

  • Jim

    At 19, I met a really attractive young woman with large breasts at a party in Waikiki. Earlier, she had been hit on by a friend, she turned him down. As for me, we hit it off and after a while where feeling the urge. I didn’t want to take her back inside because he would have seen us making our way to the bedrooms. It was 2 AM and there was a full moon, so I took her down on the beach. We took off our clothes and jumped in the water. We swam around for a while then embraced. I picked her up above the thigh deep water she rapped herself around me. I still remember the moonlight reflecting off the water on her skin. Amazing!

  • erin

    This was funny, yes nobod wants mystery juices in their stir fry. :)

  • Michael

    In the communal outdoor hottub of my friend’s apartment complex around dusk. This was something of a “High Scale” condo-type complex and me and my GF at the time went swiming. Getting cold we hopped over to the hottub and soon enough we were getting it on. Occasionally a resident would wander by, but it looked like we were just getting cozy and nothing more. Pretty wild to be outdoors in public!

  • John

    I gotta say the best spots i’ve gotten were in the boys bathroom in the high school and again in the upstairs hallway by the weight room during lunch lol

  • Anthony

    in a cheep baseball dug out, a week later they switched it to chain link fence cause an old man saw us and reported it to the cops, it was crazy and we got off scott free

  • Cec

    Best sex ever was in a hostel bathroom in London, to bad the air vent went into the common room and everybody could here me scream.
    The room isn’t that bad either, bunk beds and 3 sleepers in the room just makes it more fun.

  • Cec

    Best sex ever was in a hostel bathroom in London, to bad the air vent went into the common room and everybody could hear me scream.
    The room isn’t that bad either, bunk beds and 3 sleepers in the room just makes it more fun.

  • ES

    I went to Rome, met an australian guy, we wanted to have sex, but the room was full, so we went to the showers, there we could lock the door so there was no problem, though a little weird ’cause there was people also showering (it was like 7 am)…then we went back to the room, slept a bit, and at 12 there was nobody left in the room so we had sex there again!

    You can try in the room, and you won’t have any other hostel guests there between 11 and 1 o’clock because of the check-in and check-out, or they are just probably sightseeing…and maybe housekeeping wont get in the room if they see/hear you.

  • Alberto

    I own a hostel in sao Paulo and I hire mostly foreigners to work. But we all live here aswell. An American guy asked me What if he get lucky where should he go.

    So now the staff knows they can do it down at the bar couch after it’s closed. I even tried it myself once. Quite fun. But it’s a leather couch.

  • Carlos

    Broad daylight in the middle of nowhere (we thought) on a little tractor path between rice paddies in Korea in the backseat of my Hyundai. She was hugely embarrassed, but I could not stop laughing when an old farmer and his wife had to squeeze by to walk past my car. They kept looking back at us, watching the car shake and my white ass bouncing up and down! The old man was grinning and the old woman shook her head in disapproval. Then she saw her husband’s expression and smacked him on the arm with her bag of vegetables.

  • Bob Hale

    Oh. come now (oardon the intended pun!), but is this the sort of material we really need to spend time on? How non-helpful; how pro-childish! When I first arrived at this site I expected mature, adult travel writing.
    Oh, how wrong can I be!

    Yeah, sex is great…anywhere…but be honest folks, just what is served by all this silly writing? It’s a subject covered for decades! And, we’ve all had our “fun” places to do the deed! So, just what is served but wasting space here?

    Does anyone really car that I has sex in the woods close to an airport and a pilot taking off circled, dropped low, wig-wagged his wings and buzzed us twice? I really doubt it!


  • Dusty

    Another tip:
    Dorm rooms can be okay if you don’t have a squeaky or wobbly bed, or there’s no one above you. The key is to hang a sheet from the top bunk to make a curtain around the bed, all long-termers generally use this one. The top bunk is a little more risque and your roommates probably won’t be impressed. Also, if you’re going to do it in a dorm do it in a co-ed or male dorm, unless it’s two girls going at it. Girls book female only dorms for a reason, don’t force them to share a room with a guy. And, for practicality, girls are more likely to complain while guys are pretty understanding, just try to be quiet.
    If the person you’ve hooked up with isn’t staying at the hostel fork over the money for a private room! Don’t fight with the night staff.

  • Max

    I remember the very first time I went to Krakow, there was a couple (in a room at least 2,3 other people, me being one of them) who got it on in the wee hours of the morning.

  • John Wasko

    I actually wrote a collection of short stories called, “The Handy Couples Guide to Bush Sex in American Samoa”

    You can find them on my Myspace page in the blogs

    Ever tried an outrigger canoe? On Pago Harbor?

    From Pago Pago


  • AlxInc

    I used to work next door to a 2 Men and a Truck, well me and one of the other employees decided it was time for a break, and went out back and one of the cargo areas of the trucks were unlocked, it was going fine until our manager came out looking for us….needless to say we had to finish at home.

  • Sue

    I lived in a hostel in Galway, Ireland for a couple months. The girl below me has hung sheets up for privacy, as someone else mentioned. I was sleeping on the top bunk, and woke one morning to the bed rocking. Kinda annoying, but I was happy for them nonetheless. :)

    As for me… I broke the hostel kitchen rule, but didn’t do it anywhere people would have to eat. We were standing in the corner.

  • Davie

    I met a girl whilst in a hostel in Argentina; realising that our dorm was full, we ventured off in search of a place to ‘get down to business’. We eventually stumbled upon the proverbial “tool shed” and finding that too awkward, upgraded to a patch of dirt in the nearby garden.

    The most awkward part was returning to front reception afterwards to buy water and being covered from head to toe in dirt and grass stains. I certainly got some funny looks from the hostel staff.

  • B

    Met a guy in Barcelona – had the hottest sex all over the hostel – the stairwell, the bathroom, the dorm rooms, even the beach during the Summer Solstice festival under fireworks. Best. Week. EVER

  • Ross

    Good article. It’s a feature of backpacking that never seems to get touched upon but is certainly rarely discussed.

    You claim that dorm sex is flamboyant exhibitionist, You may be right, however I often tell my friends who go backpacking you have not been traveling until you wake up to find someone having sex in your room. I found it to happen quite frequently, most of the time in Australia where you find most backpackers are there for a year of beer drinking and a extended 18-30 holiday and not the travel expierence that most people get elsewhere. I even did it a few times myself and enjoyed the challenge of satisfying someone despite the obvious limitations. More often or not I did not get caught.

    I do recall one time in a hostel in Syndey a couple in my dorm started going at it in broad daylight.

    My favorite backpacking sex story is of me and a German girl who i had met for five minutes having amazing on the most beautiful beach in Australia in Lucky Bay, Esperance on the west Coast. We remained in contact afterwords which was handly since we both caught pneumonia from the expierence and had a lot of time on our hands recovering to email each other. We met up again in Melbourne and repeated the extremely hot sex in warmer safer conditions.

  • KateLalu

    In Airlie Beach, Australia the party scene is decent and lots of drunks can be found wandering by the “lagoon” so it can be tricky to find privacy – even in the great outdoors. . . but to get it on, my partner and I mustered up enough drunken strength and dragged a picnic table far enough down to the beach. Perfect for making some whoopeeeeeeee

  • joe

    I hope all these stories the people were using condoms. The reason I say this is when I was 22 I was backpacking in Europe and was on a sex romp for about 3 weeks and many instances was without protection and I ended up catching an STI which wasn’t a pleasant experience at all.

    Seriously how many of you all used protection and how many actually care?

  • Josh

    At Finca Magdalena, Isla Ometepe in the coffee refinery loft area. She was an annoying Austrailian chick and the floors were hard, but it was pretty hot.

  • annna

    - at a local park in the afternoon right near a horse farm, yup the horses were our audience

    - in every room of the house (literally)

    - in the back of the car

    - on the roof of our house

  • Crisis

    Bathrooms and beaches aren’t the best of places. That’s just asking for any of a dozen diseases, parasites, and viruses particularly for the fairer sex. Pools suck too. Water is a godawful lubricant. Of course that’s what the logical side of a person says, but there’s no fun if there’s no risk.
    I’ve had quite a few “adventures” on my tavels.

    -In a stairwell in one of the female dorms at Brigham Young U: Hawaii. I’m going to hell for that one.

    -On top of the Brain and Cognitive Science building at MIT

    -Spelunking with a bunch of friends me and my girl crawled behind a waterfall for some personal time during the lunch break. The rocks were hard and slippery and the water was deafening and everywhere. We both got sick, and caught, but it was worth it

    -Every room of an 11 meter long boat. It was a long trip.

    -On a train traveling through Germany

    Sex is always better when you’re not supposed to be doing it. Never had sex in a hostel though. I’ve always preferred to pay 15-20USD for a hotel room with a door that locks.

  • brent

    Oh look, if you hook up with a local they probably have a better option than a hostel. Damn.

    If not, there are plenty of locals that do.

  • Maxwell

    I’ve never stayed at a hostel while traveling. I either stay at a hotel/lodge/whatever with my own private space, or with contacts I know/visit.

    “The best position is for the guy to sit on the toilet while the girl sits in his lap”
    Eeeew, I don’t do public toilets!

    However, one of my most memorable escapades was a visit to Cuba in about 10 years ago. At my hotel, there was a Russian-Jewish mother (thankfully she couldn’t speak english!) and daughter who were traveling together. The daughter was hot — very classy, stylish. She was always with her stodgy mother. At the dinner buffet, I was able to quickly make my move while mother was at the table. I sweet talk the heck out of her and convinced her that she needed to get away from mommy a bit. She said it was difficult.
    I told her my room # and said to drop by “any time.” An hour later after dinner while everyone’s watching the Cuban entertainment by the pool side, she sneaks up to me and whispers “Bee inz zur zroom at znine pm” and she quickly went back to mother’s side.

    To make a deliciously long story short, she dropped by, we had a remarkable time and we even kept seeing each other — secretly — on our return to Toronto. After her English lessons, she’d detour to my place to practise other stuff. :-)

  • Stephen

    Common room in my hostel, at 2 in the morning in Prague. Realized the next morning that there was a surveillance camera and the person at the front desk prolly got a show.

  • Johnny Mac

    Interlaken, Switzerland waited till the next morning and did it half way up a mountain on an open grass field looking over the city. Just incredible!

  • Merry

    A friend had sex in a church.

  • Kirsten

    My list!: in in a tight dorm bathroom (the door didn’t lock but we put something against it), on the beach at night and in the day time (it was a more secluded part of the beach…sort of =P), in a tour office with the tour leader on his lunch break after he locked the door, in a small airport shelter in a really rural village, on the gravely-grassy part next to the road (ouch) almost in the ditch, and a few other raunchy places.

    You get so, so creative/such low standards when it comes to finding a place! I ALWAYS stayed in dorms but with a bit of ingenuity you can always find a way ;)

  • Danielle

    * on the beach
    * in a uni office
    * in a hostel bathroom – it was clean
    * at a local’s house
    * at a local’s house but not with the guy that lived there
    * in an alley
    * on a dorm balcony – got caught
    * in the dorm itself -yes I was one of “those people”, but I was quiet!

    Creativity is key….and so is protection.

  • Michael Hodson

    LOL — great post. Similarly, follow the “hostel/dorm rules” here:

  • It may or may not be Emily

    I think our friends noticed that somehow we ended up in the same sleeping bag by the morning…
    Sorry! hope no one got butt bumped! ;]

  • tracy

    In my 11 months backpacking all around OZ i’ve encountered sex in the dorms quite a few times! The first time I woke up to a wet slapping noise was just ewwww gross! I tended to stay in the cheaper, more partyish hostels and sex in the dorms was fairly frequent. After a while I developed a resistance to it, once I remember a lady kicked off at a shagging couple and caused a bit of a scene. YHA’s were always single sex and fine, its the mixed dorms that these incidents tend to occur in.

  • Mark in Tallinn

    I would’t exclude the public dorm option. Adds excitement. Hang something as a curtain if you are shy.

  • tempo dulu

    Try the graveyard if you’re gothically inclined.

  • Shawn H.

    oops. we did it in the hostel kitchen. :P sorry.

    also did it in the bathroom stall until we knocked the wall of the stall off. haha. hostel sex is a pain…

  • Michelle

    most hostels have a handicapped washroom. these are always really clean and never used….just saying :)

  • Clementine

    In the small triangular space behind a couch – it was set across a corner of the room in the tv lounge. A couple of people eventually walked in and their arrival brought things to a quick climax. The hardest part was waiting silently in that cramped space until the program was over and the couch potatoes departed.

    • gregor_y

      Who hasn’t had sex “in a small triangular patch…?” I admit I’m giggling in adolescent glee. :o) Sorry, couldn’t help it.

  • Carmyn

    In a tree. Legitimately in the tree. On a branch. It was crazy hot. xD

  • Gen

    At the top of the waterslide at a resort in Cuba after sundown. We had to hop in the slide when two guards (bearing rifles) sauntered by. Too bad it was turned off.

  • carol

    List: on the sand dunes at Long Beach Island (NJ) – this was before any postings not to go on the sand dunes!; against a tree at South Mountain Reservation, S. Orange, NJ, in a music practice room at Montclair State (College); those are just a few.

    For the person above so concerned about safe sex: this was back in the days DECADES before safe sex was heard of: all you could get was “VD” – syphylis or gonorrhea (both cureable) or pregnant (abortion clinics had JUST opened up). There was the pill, the diaphragm, IUD’s, and of course, condoms. Never got an STD, never got pregnant. Life was more fun and safer in the early 70′s . . . .
    (PS, I married him!)

    • Al_qaffir

      S**t…I hope you’re not my mom. I seriously hope you’re not my mom…

  • John

    At the top of a stairwell in a dormitory… we had to be quiet when a couple came in and were at the bottom of the same stairwell… hot!
    In a public restroom stall in an airport, while waiting for flights to different continents… ships passing in the night!
    Under a blanket in the last row of an airplane, on a redeye… later we met again and did it in a car in a parking lot, in a dark corner of a disco, and finally on the bottom bunk with a friend sleeping on the top bunk. Well, hopefully sleeping. Again, hot!
    Also in a church… actually, behind the altar. Really.
    In a small closet in the basement of a restaurant in Madrid… after leaving a good tip, if you get my drift.
    Now, I’m completely committed, so those days are over!

  • Duncan

    Very helpful, it’s always the worst now knowing whether anyone else is staying in the same room and if they might just barrel in at the wrong moment.

  • jamie

    In an elevator

  • fetu

    Can you sex crazed back packers please stay out of my dorm room. Pay for your own room!!!!

    • Chinaiscalling

      hey, guys, come to my room, PLEASE

  • Sebas

    “The best position is for the guy to sit on the toilet while the girl sits in his lap – this way she can lift her legs off the floor if someone comes in, so that from the outside it looks like just one person is in the stall.”

    You seem to know your ways. Bahaha. I’ll keep it in mind.

  • Raks

    i used work in a hostel and seriously, i´m not idea what are you talking about 0;-)

  • Lizzii

    My step-dad had sex in a church once. The girl practically jumped him in the nursery.

  • The Runaway Guide

    I once did it on the top level of a 4 bunk sleeper car. Amazingly, we never woke anyone.

    • Randy

      I got no sleep that night… 

  • A—–

    –in a buddhist monastery in Nepal (not sure what this did for my karma?)
    –on a hill overlooking the cremation ghats at Pashupatinath in Kathmandu (not sure what this did for my karma either, but honestly, I feel pretty great about it. we didn’t do anything the temple statues weren’t doing! and after that we figured we should take a break from the monastery so we travelled around India together)
    –behind a sulpheric waterfall at a hot springs in the Rockies
    –on the table at an Indian Restaurant in Karnataka (oops!)
    –on mushrooms, in a half-stall at redneck bar in New Mexico. got a beer dumped on my head by a screaming drunk girl as I was coming…
    –in the handicapped stall at a rest stop in Kansas. Fat ankles in ked sneakers and whining kids.

    My god. I need to travel again soon!

  • nathan

    * on the lookout on top of the hill overlooking barcelona at sunrise. “good morning barcelona” said the girl as i was taking her from behind watching the city… “good morning sexy couple” yelled back a jogger as he was running past!!

    * in a 12 bed dorm in budapest..

    * on the street during oktoberfest…. (drunk as and couldnt find anywhere haha)

    * on wiamea beach in hawaii

    *under the big ‘full moon party’ sign in thailand on the rocks at the end of the beach… there were plenty of other people doing it there too!

    thats all i can remember atm keep em coming haha

    • Joelcostello2

      Hi mate,

      I need Crazy back packer stories for a paper I am writing. Is there any chance you could email these in a bit more detail to so that I could use them for my case study???

  • Bob

    Tacky. Classless.

    • Randy

      Mark Twain was right…chill dude. 

  • marco polo

     On the hostel washing machine in Lijiang, China, in the locked shower in UB, Mongolia, on the river bank in Luang Prabang, Laos (scared of being bit on the but by a cobra)… Then I stopped being so cheap and began getting my own room :-)

  • J.B.

    On the bridge of a Navy ship…but out of respect, not in the Captain’s chair. 

  • JohnnyAKA

     In the DJ booth at a country/western radio station in Oklahoma. Yes, small town market and in the middle of the night, but he was on the air the whole time. This is when I learned that most C/W songs are awfully short. Finally my friend put on an Alabama song so we could finish without interruption (since it was station protocol that he say *something* between songs).

  • supperelias

    Like if CNN Brought you here 

  • LOL Seriously??

     Wow. Mark Twain wrote that? I’d love a reference!

  • FL

    - Mcdonald’s bathroom in Chinatown, NYC
    - the Phish “mobile” at the last Phish show in Conventry, VT
    - the hood of his step-brother’s car
    - the carpet of a friend’s house (serious rug born all down my spine and on my knees the next day)
    - common room of a hostel in Budapest 

  • J-

    Iceland’s “Blue Lagoon”…
    A back-lit tent in a crowded campsite, we put on a silhouette show for the whole campground (eek)…

  • Werty89

    ON A BOAT!

  • BP

    On the near vertical hostel spiral staircase

  • Chinaiscalling

    too many to remember and to list. How about in the jungle at Palenque, all over the place on Isla Mujeres, maybe teh best wa in Xing Gong Yuen in Taipei, in front of an audience of 20,

  • Digger

    I must admit I did have sex on in the kitchen on the cook top (when it was off!) It was pretty steamy regardless.

  • Kat

    I’ll keep it hostel related:

    hostel saunahostel chapelhostel dining room8-bed dormhostel bar (after hours)14-bed dorm (put up a sheet if you want privacy)seriously…after months of traveling, one loses all sense of privacy…

  • Snyder8

     at Saddam Hussen’s parade field, the “Cross Sabers” in Baghdad

  • Snyder8

    on a Helicopter – in Iraq

  • Amber Grisetti

    In the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney World. A very quick quickie!

  • Jasondocherty1

    I’m not a prudish boy at all. But one time in Turkey I’d gone back to an empty dorm about 1am, ready to pass out due to drinking too much… climbed into my upper bunk… long story short, man and woman get into bottom bunk… have their sexual encounter – the bed rocked so much I felt like I was at sea… slightly sea sick. Really, all they had to do was suggest that I might like to pop out to the bar for a couple more drinks – I’d have taken the hint! As it was, I hadn’t realised in my drunken stupor that two people had gotten into the bottom bunk until it was too late – and by then I was too shy to leave – “excuse me, I have to take my leave… ” So, I’m not opposed to it at all – just give me the opportunity to absent myself!

  • Mi Yammo

    Thanks for the tips. Can’t wait to get it on (my backpack, of course) ;)

  • Aaa_90909

    how can i have sex in barcelona in my abartment e-mail me on aaa_90909@hotmail,com or call me 698564468

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