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With a series of shots in London, Larissa Olenicoff demonstrates how different iPhone apps can alter your photos.

IT’S NO SECRET that iPhones can take some pretty great photos, which is a godsend for many travelers out there who are either too bogged down by gear or too intimidated to work with more advanced cameras.

On a recent trip to London I thought I’d play around with some of my shots and most-used photo applications to show how not only can iPhones take great photos, but how they can make those great photos even more interesting. So whether you want to funkify a few of your favorite shots just for fun or cultivate your new found love for iPhoneography, here are 10 great photo apps you can work with regardless of your level of experience with photo editing tools.

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About The Author

Larissa Olenicoff

Larissa Olenicoff is a travel addict and iPhone photographer with a passion for Europe in particular. Her travel blog The Blonde Gypsy is a colorful whirlwind of eye-candy, travel tips, and unexpected adventures that seeks to inspire world travel while simultaneously providing insight into the culture and landscape of destinations. You can follow her travels and iPhoneography there or on Instagram @theblondegypsy.

  • Fidel

    Great information, Larissa. I found a couple new apps from here that I’d like to add, in particular the Grungetastic app. Thank you.

    • theblondegypsy

      Great, I am glad to hear that! Grungetastic is a fun one, for sure.

  • davidroccato

    Hi Larissa, thanks for sharing your ideas. I have a question. What TilfShift Generator has got more than the same blur effects I can get with PictureShow, Fx PhotoStudio or SnapSeed, for example? thanks :)

    • theblondegypsy

      Hi David, I don’t know about SnapSeed but in comparison to PictureShow and FX PhotoStudio, you can pretty much get all the same blur effects.  TiltShift Generator is just a more straight forward app and maybe a little easier to use for those who want blur and only blur. That’s just my opinion though, I don’t know if anyone else has found one to be better than the others.

      • davidroccato

        Thank you for your answer Larissa :)

  • Christopher Ross

    Thanks for sharing Larissa! My company is developing a photo sharing & aggregation app called fotojelly, and one of the features we’re very focused on is having a great set of filters and frames to add more of the user’s personality to the fotos. Your article is inspiring.


    Larissa, i love this article. I had a blog with about pictures and apps. If you are interested about other apps visit us:

    • theblondegypsy

       Why thank you! Very cool photos, will definitely have a closer look for some more inspiration.

  • Andrew Caldwell

    Hi Larissa,

    Have to agree on Camera+ being in this list! Another favourite of mine is proHDR but I’ve been resting against poles or on parked cars for the long exposures!

    You might be interested in my 365 iphoneography project through the states, Turkey, India & Trekking in Nepal – :)



    P.S. Have you written about anything to do with the olloclip yet? 

  • Ben Swanson

    Our new camera filters app Hipsta Hipster Cam for iPhone is pretty cool too. It continuously generates new photo filters in different styles (retro color film, cross processed, black and white, and more)

  • srijan

    i use instaglass app to edit my photos…it works wonderfully.

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