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Arm yourself with useful emergency phrases!

Feature Photo by roland.slakis | Photo above by Mike_el Madrileño

Ever wish those Listen and Learn Spanish CD’s included some pick-up lines for a night out in Barcelona? With the Saucy Phrasebook, now your iPhone can say it for you!

Most guidebooks won’t get you much further than “Where is the restroom?”. But with the Saucy Phrasebook, you’ll be prepared for those true emergencies with a variety of phrases.

When you suspect a rickshaw driver of ripping you off, have your iPhone call out “Help! I just got swindled” in Hindi.

Too many sakes at that bar in Tokyo? Warn the bartender (and your fellow customers) with “I drank too much and I’m going to puke!”, spoken in perfect Japanese.

This app provides useful phrases and more, from the flirty pickup lines to more important ones. Best of all, each phrase is recorded by a native speaker so you’re sure to be understood.

The Saucy Phrasebook is available in six languages: Mandarin, French, Hindi, Japanese, Spanish, and Russian.

Brought to you by, the Saucy Phrasebook is compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch, and requires the iPhone 2.2.1 software update.

Price: FREE | More Information

About The Author

Michelle Schusterman

Michelle is a musician, writer, and teacher just trying to see the world while doing what she loves for a living. She's taught ESL in Salvador, Brazil and kindergarten in Suwon, Korea, and now she's a full-time freelance writer living in Seattle (just to keep the city alliteration going). She'll try pretty much any food once and believes coffee is its own food group.

  • Tim Patterson

    Ha, this is a great idea. The Japanese should sound something like…

    “Nomi-sugi-ta…gebo dechau ka mo…gomen!

    • Michelle

      Had to use that one, have you? :)

  • Hal

    Awesome–saucy or not, having your phone talk for you in a foreign language is an winner of an idea!

  • Christine

    How about something like, “Stop with the horrendous pickup lines, you are getting nowhere with this American”?

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