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Of all the talk of “iPhone killers” that has dominated the blogosphere lately, nothing has caused quite the splash of the Google Phone – which most considered just a rumor until recently.

Photo courtesy of Unlockr, feature photo by Robot Skirts

As far as smartphone operating systems go, it hasn’t been the iPhone, but rather Android dominating the gadget blogs this holiday season. TechCrunch stated that the day of the Google Phone was looming a month ago – and now it seems they were right.

As per usual lately, the news broke with a tweet, or rather, several tweets, from those claiming to have their hands on the unlocked phone. The frenzy was followed by a post on the Google Mobile Blog:

We recently came up with the concept of a mobile lab, which is a device that combines innovative hardware from a partner with software that runs on Android to experiment with new mobile features and capabilities, and we shared this device with Google employees across the globe.

How vague of you, Google. But the guys at TechCrunch seem to know what’s going on. Here’s what they predict:

It will be called the Google Phone and will launch in early January, 2010. It won’t be sold by any one carrier, but instead will be an unlocked GSM phone. In the U.S., that means T-Mobile and possibly AT&T, whose exclusivity deal with the iPhone is about to run out. It will be running Android 2.1.

The phone is “really, really fast,” says someone who has seen one in action. It runs on a Snapdragon chip, has a super high-resolution OLED touchscreen, is thinner than the iPhone, has no keyboard, and two mics. The mic on the back of the phone helps eliminate background noise, and it also has a “weirdly” large camera for a phone. And if you don’t like the touchscreen keyboard, a voice-to-text feature is supposed to let you dictate emails and notes by speaking directly into the phone.

What I’m curious about is the physical keyboard, or lack thereof – while I’m actually partial to the touchscreen keyboard, many Droid fans refuse to consider a phone without real buttons to push. I can’t see a voice-to-text feature, no matter how great, satisfying that need.

Either way, my plan is to sit back and watch Google and Apple battle it out for world smartphone domination.

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Michelle Schusterman

Michelle is a musician, writer, and teacher just trying to see the world while doing what she loves for a living. She's taught ESL in Salvador, Brazil and kindergarten in Suwon, Korea, and now she's a full-time freelance writer living in Seattle (just to keep the city alliteration going). She'll try pretty much any food once and believes coffee is its own food group.

  • Joel

    How long until google takes over the world?

  • Carlo

    I really should get me one of these iPhone thingys one day.

  • Chris

    Google says it hopes to reach a more mainstream market by pricing Android-powered devices at around $200? Well, we will see..

  • Christine Garvin

    Ok, I’m confused – what is the phone that is currently with TMobile? I thought that was a Google phone? My friend has one of those (whatever they are) and LOVES it.

    • Michelle Schusterman

      Christine, I’m not sure what you’re friend has. The Droid runs on the Android OS too, but it’s Verizon. This phone is supposedly completely designed by Google, and it’s actually supposed to be called “Nexus One”.

      • Christine Garvin

        Just looked it up, and guess it’s called the TMobile G1 Must be a combo TMobile/Google phone instead of what you are talking about, which is straight up Google.

  • Abbie

    I was considering getting a Droid later this week actually, but maybe i’ll have to look into this new-fangled idea…

  • Benny the Irish Polyglot

    I’m so sick of my iPhone. I only got it because it was indeed the best smartphone available at the time. Can’t wait for what may end up being called the “GPhone” :P Good choice to go unlocking and sell it independent of carrier – Apple and AT&T politics for app approval and the absolute necessity to jailbreak are annoying to those of us not in the states.

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