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Matador Ambassadors Katie Lambert and Ben Ditto spent the early winter climbing the limestone of Catalonia and meeting the people of the region.

Being rock climbers, we travel the world seeking the best climbing, and this takes us to some obscure destinations. This past winter, we sought out Catalonia’s limestone cliffs, where we found not only some of the finest rock around but also a culture with deep historical roots.

[All photos by Ben Ditto]

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About The Author

Katie Lambert

Originally from the mud bogs and mosquito swarms of Louisiana, Katie Lambert now calls the Eastern Sierra home where she lives as a rock climber and writer. In her 31 years of life she has traveled to many places seeking rocks to climb and in her travels both near and far she has encountered countless bits of inspiration that she shares through stories in hopes to inspire in others a sense of wonder and appreciation.

Kate Rutherford can't hear a thing while climbing so close to the roar of Yosemite Falls.
I find a surreal comfort in the rattling and screeching of the subway.
Pulling down hard routes on the wild limestone formations.
I had done all the moves. I just needed another chance or two or five.
A climb full of challenges and vistas that blow the Texas desert wide open.
Midwives must continue to deliver babies and pass their skills to future generations.
I had to hand in my phone. From that moment on, we were always accompanied.
“I think we’re in for a long day," Emily said with a nervous laugh.
Taking pictures in a prison is a very sad experience.
Some terrain is just made on too grand of a scale to be boxed into a snapshot.
It's described as one of the seven wonders of the natural world.