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10 places where real New Yorkers eat -- part 2

Skip the tourist traps and chow down with real NYCers:

Meet the community that lives alongside dangerous lions, and is committed to protecting them

Foodie paradise: Vancouver's Granville Market

With more than 12.2 million visitors per year, this is where both locals and tourists deeply immerse themselves in West Coast food culture:

What journalists carry on the front lines: Nish Nalbandian, Syria

Nish Nalbandian is a photojournalist and filmmaker who has worked in over 35 countries in a variety of environments from wars to sporting events.

My education began after I received my diploma

"When I was 22, I met Jonah. Jonah had just returned from an 18-month journey from Paris to Palestine. When his travels ended, he wound up in the other room of our two-bedroom, 600-square-foot apartment on the Upper East Side of New York. It was with him that my education began."

In the air with Haiti's first emergency helicopter service

Haiti Air Ambulance offers patients, regardless of their ability to pay, the opportunity for transfer from any hospital to another that provides higher-order medical services, typically in the larger cities.

HyperEurope: A European roadtrip in 2 minutes

One of the craziest projects I've worked on, Topdeck Travel called and asked if I would be interested in producing a two-minute European-roadtip timelapse.

10 places where real New Yorkers eat -- part 1

NYC is a culinary mecca with the best chefs and restaurants in the world. From late-night grub to Michelin stars, here are 10 places real New Yorkers eat.

What journalists carry on the front lines: Adam Bailes, West Africa

Matador is teaming up with the Frontline Freelance Register to show you what conflict and foreign freelancers carry with them on assignments.

A bitter taste of freedom for Syria's Kurds

The Kurdish population here has thus far refused to overtly align with either side of the conflict, in a diplomatic position they've labeled "Third Line.”

An exploration of Bamiyan, Afghanistan by bike

Some of the most beautiful mountains in the country surround Bamiyan, and after years of working in the country I was finally able to arrange a trip.

Wakatobi, Indonesia: The world's most remote dive resort

Indonesia’s Wakatobi Dive Resort proudly claims the title of being the most remote dive resort in the world.

24 images from a war zone: Rojava, Syria

Cengiz shares with us this iPhone photo essay, offering a glimpse of what life is like inside northeastern Syria.

An aerial tour of beautiful Palawan in the Philippines

When you're sitting at work and daydreaming about a secret island paradise, you might be picturing Palawan.

Arctic Swell: Surfing the ends of the earth

Surfer Chris Burkard's latest mission takes him to the Arctic Circle.

19 images from the first days of the 2014 World Cup

Football fever is gripping the nation.

What journalists carry on the front lines: Daniel van Moll, DRC

Dan has been covering the refugee situation in the DRC.

Hiking a Congolese volcano in the shadow of civil war

Virunga National Park had been closed for 6 months after poachers murdered a park ranger.

On winning the "Wrangle the Chute" ski contest: Kicking Horse, BC

Top skiers and riders competed in "the ultimate Big Mountain showdown."

Skiing the northernmost mountains in the world: Svalbard, Norway

I didn’t realize the terrain and snow conditions would be world class.

6 lessons learned from a broken ankle

My typical day as a professional rock climber was going to change.

Blood, sport, and ritual on the Indonesian island of Sumba

The Pasola Festival is a human bloodletting ending in a all-out riot.

Powder for Powder, ep. 5: Heli-skiing Haines, Alaska

Haines is arguably the best place in the world for heli-skiing.

Powder for Powder, ep. 4: Arctic Man

Riders go from zero to fast in a hurry.

A midwinter meditation on climbing

I had done all the moves. I just needed another chance or two or five.

Powder for Powder, ep. 3: Tailgate Alaska

500 people converge on Valdez each spring to rip some classic Alaskan terrain.

In the shadow of volcanoes: 18 images of Guatemala

I was looking for an escape to somewhere warm and photogenic.

Powder for Powder, ep. 2: ALCAN adventure

Just preparing for a winter road trip up the ALCAN is a feat in itself.

Powder for Powder, ep. 1: Monashee mission

Four feet of fresh powder in the Monashees of British Columbia.

Powder for Powder: A winter pilgrimage from Idaho to Alaska

The road from Idaho to Alaska is lined with powder.

On healthcare as an inalienable human right: One doctor's story from Haiti

Antoinette isn't dying of breast cancer; she's dying of poverty.

Relentless pursuit of a dream: A conversation with an almost-Olympian

"If I had made the podium on that day, I would've made the US Ski Team."

Notes from a big wall climber

It would be a sort of milestone in my climbing career.

Of all my experiences in Afghanistan, this is what finally brought me to tears

I asked my translator to please tell these women that my heart is with them.

10 things you can do to improve your health today (backed by science)

What if you could find success simply by doing one thing for your health?

My experience photographing on the front lines of the Syrian Civil War

All that’s going through my head is “Did I go too far this time? Why the hell am I here?”

On the rise of WWOOFing in Brazil

Now more than ever, traveling in Brazil can be expensive. WWOOFing can help balance that.

Surfing the southern edge of the world: Fiordland, New Zealand

It's a beautiful life on the far southern edge of the world.

What journalists carry on the front lines: Lucas Pernin, Syria

Lucas Pernin is a freelance photographer and writer based in Sweden.

What journalists carry on the front lines: KC Ortiz, Thailand

KC Ortiz is a freelance photojournalist based in Bangkok

What journalists carry on the front lines: Patrick Tombola, Middle East

What conflict and foreign freelancers carry out with them on assignments.

What journalists carry on the front lines: Achilleas Zavallis, Syria

What conflict and foreign freelancers carry out with them on assignments.

Mountain bike vs. dirt bike in the Idaho mountains

Locations once impossibly far suddenly became accessible.

Images of a Polynesian oasis: Mitiaro, Cook Islands

The Cook Islands had taken a few more unsuspecting hearts.

5 tips for surviving each other on a group expedition

Group dynamic is the intangible, skittish enemy on every trip.

What journalists carry on the front lines: Andrew Stanbridge, Myanmar

He has brought his camera into areas where bullets are flying and bombs are falling.

10 tips to shoot better photos on your phone

Lighting is still the most important factor when shooting on your iPhone.

A day with the Afghanistan women's cycling team

“Okay, Shannon, we race?” he asked with a smile.

What journalists carry on the front lines: Joey Daoud, Haiti

What conflict and foreign freelancers carry out with them on assignments.

A visual tour through the landscapes of Iceland

This is a selection of photographs from what became one of my best trips so far.

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