North Carolina: Nothing Compares


Matador is excited and honored to be able to partner with Visit North Carolina to produce videos, stories, and travel guides on this incredible state, a place that stretches from mountains to sea, encompassing world-class outdoor adventures, super cool cities and small towns, extraordinary cuisine, and a unique version of Southern culture and hospitality.

Scroll down to see what Matador found on our exploration of North Carolina, and why the tagline “nothing compares” is completely apt.

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North Carolina has developed one of the most innovative food scenes in the country—a strong example of the economic, cultural, and environmental benefits of locavorism. #VisitNC

11 reasons North Carolina is the most underrated state in the US

In what other state could you take a box of Krispy Kremes on an epic road trip from the peaks of the Appalachians at sunrise to miles and miles of coastline by sunset? And feast on BBQ during pit stops, of course. #visitnc

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North Carolina is the new leader in craft brewing. Here's why.

Beyond the migration of national craft breweries to our area, or the awards or accolades, or even the individual beers themselves, what makes North Carolina the leading craft beer state is simply the people. #visitnc

14 facts about North Carolina that will surprise you

From the Appalachians to the Atlantic, with a history as rich in barbecue as it is in the Revolutionary War, North Carolina tells a complex story. #visitnc