Yak Attack

In spring 2012, cyclist Paul Bolla attempted the Yak Attack – the world’s highest, longest, most intense cycling race. He decided to compete on behalf of a more than worthy cause: his goal is to use the race to raise awareness and money for local Himalayan NGO Mitrata Nepal and the Social Development Center (SDC).

The route is brutal: over 12 days and 10 stages spanning 400km on jeep track, goat track, yak track, snow track, suspension bridges, and sometimes no track, with 12,000 meters of elevation gain and a max height of 5416m, or nearly 18,000 ft. We sent photographer/filmmaker John Huddart to capture the action.

The result: an epic four part series right here on Matador. Stay tuned to watch all the episodes.

Series Articles

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The 30-some athletes were all eccentrics in their own right.

Matador sponsors Paul Bolla in world's highest mountain bike race

12 days and 10 stages spanning 400km on jeep track, goat track...sometimes no track.

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