Australia: Wild

Scott Sporleder, Matador’s creative director, put together this stunning array of short films, photo essays, and ground-level reports from Down Under. You’ve never seen Australia like this.

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Series Articles

22 ways to remember Tasmania

Tasmania is a place my camera to a particular shining to.

Postcards from the Outback

From road trains to rock wallabies to white wine at Uluru...and a whole lot of beautiful nothing.

What to do in Australia's Northern Territory

It was 5:30 in the morning, I was halfway up a near vertical climb...

Photo essay: The wildlife and nature of Tasmania

There was something in the air that told me I was going to like it here.

Opening up to the Australian Outback

There's plenty to choose from on a visit to the Outback.

21 different sides of Tasmania

21 features of this island state worth featuring in photos

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