The world is meant for all of us. Young, old, hippie, suit-and-tie, Canadian, Pakistani, Mexican — all of us. We share this one planet, and you don’t know what you have until you explore it. One step, one flight at a time.

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Say Yes to the World

Travel has a language all its own. It’s shared across all cultures, all peoples. It begins with that longing to see the world. It begins with the word “yes.”

Time Stands Still in Romania

For photographers Tim and Staci Landis, travel is less about following an itinerary and more about following the light.

A Love Letter to the World

"All of these are experiences I have by going out, saying yes, booking the ticket, taking the flight, arriving. And yet in some ways these are all travels that take me inwards as well. They bring me home to myself."

Dreaming of Tromsø

Artist Rachel Pohl and her husband Charles Post had long dreamed of a trip to Tromsø, Norway. As wilderness athletes and creative, conservation-minded individuals, they were captivated by the fjords, the Arctic reindeer, and Sami culture. They also had a personal connection: Rachel’s Norwegian heritage.

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