Calgary Stampede: 100 Years

For almost 100 years, Canada’s Calgary Stampede has attracted millions to the world’s richest rodeo, and the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” that accompanies it. Every July, the 10-day festival kicks in with concerts, cultural encounters, dance parties, fairgrounds, and competitive events like bullriding and barrel racing.

In this Matador special, join travel writer and TV host Robin Esrock as he sets out to explore the Stampede, busting the myths of the rodeo, sampling unique cowboy cuisine, hanging out with real-life cowboys, connecting with First Nation tribes, and throwing himself headfirst into a gonzo-fuelled Stampede experience.

In 2012, the Stampede will celebrate its centenary, promising to be bigger and brasher than ever before. We invite you to put your white hat on, saddle up, and come along for the ride.

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