If we told you there was a spot that had the planet's largest caves, stretches of Martian badlands that turn into mountains of pine, world-famous monuments, cowboys, bison, and a flair for the Old West, would you believe it? What if we told you that place was smack dab in the Midwest?

Welcome to Rapid City: the Great American Vacation. This is your portal to other-worldly landscapes, wildlife drives, and your next favorite saloon. Trip inspiration rarely comes in such large quantities — see it to believe it by starting below.

This post is proudly produced in partnership with Visit Rapid City.

The Great American Vacation: Rapid City

Rapid City doesn’t get its fair share of attention. Nor does the region itself. The terrain here in western South Dakota—from the Black Hills to the Badlands to the sweeping grasslands—has an otherworldly power you have to experience to understand.

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