Teva: Escape To Adventure

TEVA has teamed up with Matador’s global community of outdoors fanatics to show you how to escape to adventure in 12 cities across America.

Below you’ll find articles showing you how to get from cubicle to trail, traffic jam to river, downtown to backcountry in an hour or less.

Series Articles

Escape to adventure: Chicago

Mountain biking, shotguns, and sand dunes. In Chicago?!

Escape to adventure: San Francisco

San Francisco has wilderness escapes in all directions.

Escape to adventure: Portland

Urban riding in Portland never gets old.

Escape to adventure: Austin

Although we're smaller than other Texas massive metropolises, we escape the politicking going on at the Capitol with a wide array of outdoor activities and a focus on quality of life.

Escape to adventure: Nashville

Nashvillians can find plenty of adventure escapes right at home in the Cumberland Valley.

Escape to adventure: Denver

The Colorado landscape is so epic, though, that when viewed from a trail up in the mountains, the office towers and stadiums of Denver can seem almost toy-like.

Escape to adventure: Atlanta

Although the Atlanta metro area has gotten blown out with traffic and people over the last decade (current population is over 5 million), quiet, empty places can still be found all around the surrounding Chattahoochee forest and watershed, where trails, creeks, cliffs, and all kinds of spots await exploration.

Escape to adventure: San Diego

The second installment of our "Escape to Adventure" series, sponsored by TEVA.

Escape to adventure: Seattle

Joshywashington knows firsthand that Seattle has more adventures than could possibly be tackled in a lifetime.

Escape to adventure: Dallas

With generally good weather year-round and some insider tips, you can be on your way to adventure.

Escape to adventure: New York City

New York City has plenty of places for outdoor adventure. You've just got to know how to get to

Escape to adventure: Los Angeles

Although Los Angeles is a true megalopolis, its geographical boundaries give great access to outdoor adventure.

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