Queensland: Adventure in the Sunshine State

Matador has teamed up with Tourism Queensland to send ambassadors on a series of expeditions and journalistic missions traversing the Gold Coast, out to Fraser and Hinchinbrook Islands, and across the vast terrains and cultures of Australia’s “Sunshine State.”

Series Articles

Circumnavigating a Tropical Australian Island by Kayak

This May Be the Most Intimate Look at the Great Barrier Reef We've Seen

Push Yourself on This 600-Mile Motorcycle Adventure Up the Queensland Coast

The Other Side of Queensland: Journey Into the Outback

A Dream Realized on Lady Elliot Island

Discovering the Jurassic Land of Hinchinbrook Island

The Art of Slow Travel: Fraser Island, Australia

The Ultimate Road Trip Through Tropical North Queensland

What You'll See on a Road Trip Up the Queensland Coast

7 Reasons To Book a Live-Aboard Dive Trip To the Great Barrier Reef

A Rainforest Road Trip in North Queensland, Australia

What It's Like To Sail the Great Barrier Reef

A Look Inside the Surf Culture of the Gold Coast, Queensland

Images From the Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival

The Story of the Outback

44 Surreal Scenes From Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Chasing Fish on Fraser Island, Queensland

Ever Shifting: The Sands and Landscapes of Queensland's Fraser Island

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