Heineken: Live Legendary

You can live in a city or visit often and still miss out on some of the best it has to offer. Matador knows this, and has partnered with Heineken to help you unlock the secret spots of Canada’s biggest cities.

Scroll down to find ground-level guides, written by locals, to Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver. By mixing the best of daylife and nightlife, help you to truly #LiveLegendary.

Series Articles

The ultimate 7-day nightlife guide to Toronto

With a little bit of something for everyone—from indoor bocce to weekly bar choirs—you’re bound to find your niche in this city.

Daylife vs. nightlife in Montreal: The ultimate 24-hour guide to French Canada's biggest city

The issue isn’t finding things to do all day…it’s deciding what to leave out.

The ultimate 7-day nightlife guide to Calgary

Cowtown? Calgary has moved SO far beyond. We're talking sweet little dive bars, vinyl nights, and secret bourbon rooms. Welcome in on the secret.

Daylife vs. nightlife in Vancouver: The ultimate 24-hour guide to Canada's Left Coast capital

We won't blame you for wanting to move here...

Daylife vs. nightlife in Toronto: The ultimate 24-hour guide to Canada's biggest city

Which is wilder in this city of 2.6 million: daylife or nightlife?

The ultimate 7-day nightlife guide to Montreal

One week is never enough.

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