What do you travel for? Maybe it’s world-class cuisine, with a mix of tradition and ultra-modern innovation. Maybe it’s epic landscapes that set the stage for even grander adventures. Or perhaps it’s a bold sense of culture, of art that defines a place and sets it apart.

We’ve got a surprise for you: Whatever you travel for, Britain has you covered. In the series of videos and articles below, we’ll show you exactly what revelations await. And exactly why you need to get yourself to Britain now.

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London for creative travelers

Whether this is your first or your 15th time to London, if you venture to these unexpected spots, you’ll come across some truly interesting stories.

London’s unexpected nightlife

From wizard-like drinks at The Alchemist to a Silent Disco at The Shard, London’s nightlife is more eclectic than you’ve ever imagined.

Surprised by Britain: Terrain

Don’t overlook Great Britain’s ancient landscapes: the fossil-rich bays of Abereiddy in Wales. The hilly moorland of Exmoor National Park. The epic Jurassic Coast of southern England.

Surprised by Britain: Outdoors

People may have the idea that a trip to Great Britain looks like double-decker bus tours and fancy afternoon tea. It’s time to leave the cliches behind.

Behind the lens: Great Britain

History has a way of coming alive in little details. Across Britain you’ll find historical sites whose stories continue unfolding to this very day.

Discover the unexpected – England’s Heartland

Discover England's Heartland with professional photographer and traveler Tim Landis, as he explores the unexpected in this incredible region.

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