This series is dedicated to celebrating family travel across the US, helping you plan epic road trips, find the best places to camp, and build itineraries around the most family-friendly spots in the states.

Much of the information here is pulled directly from our editors and writers who are giving you their “go to” places. Huge thanks as well to everyone who has helped share their family travel info via social media. To follow along, use the hasthtag #MatadorKids. Happy Kids Day!

Series Articles

8 American children's museums to plan your vacation around

The City Museum in St. Louis has a 10-story slide. Adults are allowed to go down it, too.

7 reasons kids need cameras

Read on to see for yourself why you need to get a camera — whether it's yours, an old phone, or a cheap point-and-shoot — into your kids’ hands today:

19 places in the US to take your kids before they graduate

Make learning actually come to life at these 19 engaging and educational destinations:

12 things I wish I had known before traveling with my kids

It’s about building fun and positive memories, not proving a point.

14 confessions of a solo traveling parent

"I drink alone. To be fair I'm technically drinking with my kids, but still."

How I survive cross country road trips with my 6 kids

If one has to pee, y’all have to pee. Nothing can drive a parent to their breaking point faster than a kid doing the potty dance 5 minutes after you pull away from the rest stop.

4 ways being a global citizen enriches young people's lives (and how you can start at home)

16-year-old filmmaker Kasha Slavner breaks it down: "We live in a diverse world and we need to learn to appreciate our differences and our similarities."

The 20 most family friendly places in the US for the summer

The US has an abundance of awesomely family friendly destinations and attractions. Here are 20 of them:

The 10 coolest summer road trips for families in the US

Hit the road on a family adventure:

16 of the most impressive national parks in the US (PHOTOS)

Every bit of wilderness on the planet is impressive, but some places are special for unique reasons.

The 20 coolest places to camp with kids in the US this summer

Tent camping with your family can be one of the most rewarding experiences you'll ever have as a traveler. Do it this summer:

7 ways for kids to talk their parents into a family trip

Seriously, your parents have to break at some point.

6 survival tips for traveling with an ADHD kiddo

It can be tough, but with a little bit of preparation, traveling with an ADHD kid can be an awesome experience. Here's how.

15 inspiring Instagrams to fuel your family's next adventure

Take this insta-inspiration from Instagram for your next outdoor family adventure.

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