Virginia Beach:
Live the Life

Fun fact about Virginia Beach: It might more accurately be named Virginia Beaches. There are three glorious stretches of sand here (Resort, Sandbridge, and Chesapeake Bay Beaches), combining for a whopping 35 miles of incredible coastline. Aka, the “longest stretch of pleasure beach” in the world, according to Guinness.

Something else you might not know: Virginia Beach is good to go year round. From a vibrant and growing creative district, to a super legit craft food and drink scene, to fascinating historical sites, and a broad range of options for getting into and exploring nature, there’s something to check out regardless the season. And that means you’re spoiled for choice when deciding how to complement your perfect beach day.

Matador is proud to partner with Visit Virginia Beach to produce travel guides and first-person accounts of this exciting coastal city. Scroll down and enjoy.




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