Turkey: Turquoise Hunt

Turkey has one of the longest coastlines of any country on the Mediterranean, and the stretch from Çeşme to Alanya is bordered by such clear, picturesque waters that it’s known as the Turquoise Coast. Matador is incredibly proud to partner with Turkey Home to present: #TurquoiseHunt.

Through the lenses of our Instagrammers and award-winning filmmakers, and the unique perspectives and stories of our writers, we’ve produced a suite of multimedia content highlighting the Turquoise Coast, the legendary metropolis of Istanbul, and so many other facets of this inviting, intriguing, incredible country. Scroll down and enjoy.


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Original Videos by Matador Media House

Turkey’s Turquoise Coast From the Air

The Mediterranean section of Turkey’s Turquoise Coast is punctuated by dramatic mountain peaks and valleys.

Turkey’s Turquoise Coast In Hyperlapse

Matador filmmaker Piotr Wancerz made a whirlwind visit to the country and, after a quick stop in Istanbul, jetted over to the Turquoise Coast to capture some hyperlapse footage of this incredible region.

A Turkish Summer Dream

You have to see this coastline to believe it. It’s a place where ancient gods once walked, and one where it feels like they may still walk today.