EDITOR’S NOTE: This past summer, Matador sent a group of Instagram all-stars on trips to the Turquoise Coast of Turkey. Cole Rise, Christoffer Collin, and The Globe Wanderer joined Matador’s own Scott Sporleder and Ross Borden on a mission to capture the essence of this Mediterranean region. Here are highlights from their journeys.

The purpose of our time in Turkey was not to visit any certain place, undertake any certain activity, or try any certain food. Instead, we were on a hunt for a color: turquoise. We found it.

spying ships in the distance. favorite shot / edit from the boat. @turkey_home

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Butterfly Valley, Turkey. #turquoisehunt

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Floating away in Turkey. Not too bad of water clarity over in the Aegean Sea. #travelstoke #turquoisehunt

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Turkey’s Turquoise Coast comprises the country’s southwest border with the Mediterranean, stretching from Çeşme to Alanya, and encompassing important cities like Bodrum, Marmaris, and Antalya.

Views like this. @turkey_home #TurquoiseHunt #Marmaris

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Also along the route are countless colorful villages, ancient ruins, and inland detours that show a different side of Turkey from the glitzy coast and the fast pace of life in Istanbul.

Don't worry, I goat this. @matadornetwork @turkey_home

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But really, this region is all about the beaches, the sea, and all those epic views.

Summer pinks of Marmaris. @turkey_home #TurquoiseHunt

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And, of course, the turquoise. It colored our time in Turkey, and made for trips we won’t soon forget.

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