Seattle: Through the Senses

Seattle stimulates the senses. Whether you’re focusing on the sights, the sounds, the tastes, the smells, or the feeling you get visiting one of America’s most dynamic cities, you’ll uncover a rewarding experience.

Join Matador as we partner with Visit Seattle to explore the Emerald City from all angles, with eyes, ears, mouth, nose, hands, and mind wide open. This is Seattle like you’ve never perceived it before.

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The ultimate guide to Seattle's best museums

From jamming on a guitar at MoPOP to climbing into a jet fighter cockpit at the Museum of Flight, Museum Month lets you do it all. #visitseattle

Culture Trippers in Seattle: Craft drinks

You heard it here first: Seattle's making waves in the non-alcoholic beverage scene.

6 awesome ways to plan your holiday adventure in Seattle

Grab your scarf and a venti peppermint latte, ‘cause we’re experiencing the full holiday spectrum, Seattle style! #visitseattle

Culture Trippers in Seattle: Food from the streets

From the Space Needle, to Pike Place Market and Gas Works Park, to the annual Seattle Food Truck Festival, this street food tour will leave you hungry to #visitseattle.

Culture Trippers in Seattle: World of Water

Liz Clark has sailed her boat around the world, stopping along the way to volunteer and surf. But she's never been to Seattle...until now. #visitseattle

The after-dark guide to Seattle

When the sun sets in Seattle, the city’s food, art, and music come to life. Here’s how to celebrate nighttime in the Emerald City. #visitseattle

9 reasons you need to see Seattle in the fall

The Emerald City truly comes alive for sweater season. Here's a look at what's going on. #visitseattle

Culture Trippers in Seattle: Dance

In the first episode of Culture Trippers, watch two of the country's best burlesque dancers tackle a hip-hop dance class with Macklemore's crew. #visitseattle

The ultimate Seattle neighborhood guide

In one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, you gotta know where to find the best coffee or cream cheese hot dog. #visitseattle

9 bold Seattle flavors you shouldn't leave without trying

Don't read this if you're hungry. #visitseattle

14 Seattle craft beers worth planning a trip for

Seattle's list of claims to fame is not brief. One that shouldn't be ignored: its craft beer scene. #visitseattle

12 spectacular views you'll only see in Seattle

From iconic skylines to views below ground and below are 12 perspectives you can't get anywhere else. #visitseattle

Seattle first take: One traveler's first impressions of the Emerald City

"I began to realize this city on Puget Sound has attained a level of excellence I’ve yet to experience in any city on the East Coast."

9 holiday experiences in Seattle you shouldn't miss

Check out some of our favorite holiday events and activities in the Emerald City. #visitseattle

11 underground spots in Seattle to check out before they go mainstream

With a city as dynamic as Seattle, you could visit every year and never feel the need to go to the same place twice. #visitseattle

Seattle through the senses

Experience the multi-sensory delights of Seattle on our video tour of the city through the senses. Which sense is your favorite to focus on in a city like Seattle?

Seattle: The locals tour

Join Matador Network as we explore Seattle from a local’s perspective in this video.

10 signs you've never been to Seattle

#9: You’ve never sprinted to catch a ferry. Do these signs describe you?

10 tastes that define Seattle

Coffee, check. Oysters, check. Can you guess what else made the list?

12 things only someone who's been to Seattle will understand

In a city like this, even the cliche and super touristy stuff is totally rad.

7 amazing places in Seattle you've probably never heard of

Yes, EMP is great. The Underground Tour is great. Take your trip to the original Starbucks. Then, when you’re done, visit these seven places.

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