You know the stereotypes, but do you know the real Ireland? The world-class cities pushing the boundaries of art, cuisine, and entertainment? The landscapes that make you want to hop in a car and road trip the entire island, from the Wild Atlantic Way to the Causeway Coastal Route and back again? The history that stretches back millennia yet is still tangible today?

This is the Ireland you need to uncover. Follow Matador’s journey around the Emerald Isle and get inspired for your own exploration.

This series is proudly produced in partnership with Tourism Ireland.

Ireland: 2 cities, 1 trip

Travelers Gareth Leonard and Courtney Scott had three parts to their mission. They wanted to hang with locals, hit up the best spots, and check out the way the food scenes are being reinvented in Belfast and Dublin. 

3 ways to experience food in Ireland

Looking for a food tour of Ireland? Kati and Blaze guide you through three ways to experience it: slow, quick, and adventurous—and always delicious!

Traveling green in Ireland

Finding responsible and eco-friendly ways to travel has never been more important. And if you're traveling in Ireland, you don't have to look far.

Ireland in 60 seconds

Irish Folk Music: A Tradition Handed Down Over Generations

An amazing 24 hours in Dublin

Northern Ireland: Where ancient myth and modern science collide

Ireland’s photogenic Ancient East

Belfast: Home of the Titanic

A stunning coastline: Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

Northern Ireland is the real-world Westeros: Experience Game of Thrones yourself

Dublin’s evolving history

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