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The world’s most stunning landscapes mixed with extraordinary outdoor adventure. If this is your definition of Canada, you’re both right…and woefully wrong. Leave behind the “epic empty spaces” stereotype (however awesome that might be), and get ready to explore the real Canada.

This country is warm, vibrant, diverse. Its cities are inhabited by millions, with world-class restaurants and museums, and surprising cultural discoveries to be made. Its heritage spans continents and millennia — from the French flair of the east to the Asian influences in the west, and the more than 600 First Nations peoples everywhere in between.

You could take 1,000 trips to Canada and never have the same experience. And as it sits just over our border, it’s easy for us Americans to go back again and again. After seeing the videos, guides, and other inspiration we’ve captured from around the country, we think you’re going to want to.

This series is proudly produced in partnership with Destination Canada.


Rainforest Guardians: Spirit Bears and the Gitga’at Nation

“The raven left every tenth bear white, just to remind us of when the earth was covered in glacier,” says Marven Robinson of the Gitga’at First Nation in British Columbia, Canada. The white bears are known as Moksgm’ol to the people of the First Nations, and as Kermode bears to scientists.

Northern Sky: Above the Northwest Territories

Standing out under a blanket of Northern Lights, the world feels a whole lot smaller. It’s perspective-shifting, worldview-shaping. For Northwest Territories bush pilot Ted Grant, that feeling comes about almost every winter night.

Montreal: Festival of lights

There’s something inherently cozy about outdoor winter festivals: hot drinks, warm fires, dark wintry nights, and everyone stuffed into thick puffy coats with wool hats pulled below their ears.

Born For This: Rudi and Jeff Gertsch of Purcell Heli-Skiing

Epic. Deep. Blower. There are myriad ways to describe awesome powder skiing, and the Gertsch family business specializes in bringing those adjectives to life.

Frozen and Cozy: An Evening at RAW:churchill

It might come as a surprise that one of the world’s most unique dining experiences takes place in Canada. And, no, not Toronto, Vancouver, or Montreal, but up among the polar bears and icebergs in northern Manitoba, at a little place called RAW:churchill.

Ottawa, Ontario: Home of Masterpieces

Though modest in size, Ottawa is brimming with homegrown artistic talent. Art galleries saturate Canada’s capital region, while the National Gallery, Canada’s preeminent gallery and one of the world’s finest, anchors the thriving arts scene.

Country Music in Calgary, Alberta

Prairie hospitality meets the laid-back mountain lifestyle in Calgary, where you can go from having a beer at a downtown pub to hiking a mountain trail in just 45 minutes.

Toronto: All the Views

IS TORONTO THE coolest city on the planet right now? Art. Food. Music. Multiculturalism. Livability. Toronto — the bustling metropolis on Lake Ontario.

Flipping for Québec City: Bruno Gagnon and His Circus Company

Bruno Gagnon is insanely talented. He directs the Flip Fabrique circus company in Québec City, Canada, and he says the “circus arts take years to master.” He would know—he’s been doing it for 17 years. We followed him around, watched him perform, and heard why it is he does what he does.

Cities of Canada

When you think of Canada, you might be visualizing mountains, forests, vast expanses of wilderness. But this isn’t even remotely close to the full picture — Canada is also home to some of the most diverse, active, and visually stunning metropolises in the world.

Portrait of this Place: NOVA SCOTIA

If you want an in-depth picture of a place, go to its artists. Artists—be they painters, potters, athletes, chefs, or musicians—not only give us a glimpse into their home through its artwork, but through the raw materials they use, and finally through themselves.