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REI and Matador Present: Make Home

Matador has always embraced the culture of the outdoors — discovering, protecting, and celebrating our wild spaces. We’re honored to partner with REI to tell stories of camp life, to explore what it takes and what it means to be truly at home in the natural world.

Scroll down to check out our original video and other content, and get inspired to plan your next camping trip. Make your camp your home. We’ll see you out there.


Camp Stories

Camping with Loki the Wolfdog

What makes a campsite feel like home? Part of it’s the preparation you put in before your trip—choosing the gear and goods you know will make your camp most comfortable, packing up, planning your route and destination. Part of it’s bringing to bear your experience and knowledge in setting up a solid camp spot. But perhaps more than any of that, what truly turns a campsite into home is the company you bring.

Snow Camping with Griffin Post

There are unique challenges to camping in the snow. But when you strip the experience down to its basics, you start to notice more familiar themes. Snow camping at its most fundamental is about taking your go-to crew into the elements and making a home from what you find there. It’s a creative act, and it’s a rewarding one.

Making Home with Alex Honnold

The Alex Honnold you’re probably familiar with—the rock climber who sets speed records free soloing some of the gnarliest walls in the world—is only one snapshot in the home movie that makes up the person. For one thing, he spends just 5% of his climbing time on those high-difficulty, high-publicity exploits. The rest is rope climbing, bouldering, gym climbing.

Camping in the Redwoods with Meg Haywood Sullivan and Charles Post

If you’ve walked in the redwood forests of Northern California, you know there’s nowhere like this on Earth. In the old-growth groves, trunks as wide as 25 feet rise like pillars out of the ground. To camp here — to make your home amongst the redwoods — is practically a spiritual experience.

Kayak Camping with Kalen Thorien

How important is it to find the perfect campsite when you’re camping? For kayaker Kalen Thorien, there’s no more crucial task when she’s on a paddling mission.

Adventure Camping with Alex Johnson

What does camping mean to you? Climber and mountain biker Alex Johnson has multiple answers to this question. On the one hand, camping is a vehicle to get her out into places where she can do the things that bring her joy–areas with killer singletrack and awesome rock climbing.

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